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Hello, Welcome to my Café May 7, 2010

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In every Story, there is always a beginning..

Hello and Welcome, This is the beginning of a Journey through the many Adventures and Trials i might have.

Of those Adventures, many different paths and memories are to be made and from here starts the recording of those events.

I hope that you enjoy your stay as you share in my experiences whether they may be ups or downs. So thank you for visiting and i hope that you may come back again soon.

In every Story, there is always a beginning..

However, there is no predictable ending, Only what you make of it.


Hope’s Elegant Vanity ~ Cosmetics Review February 24, 2018

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LIMITED EDITION – Kiki and Lala traveled to Earth to learn how to be the best, shiniest stars they can be. Now you can shine bright with them! Sugarpill has teamed up with Little Twin Stars to bring you

Source: Little Twin Stars Makeup Collection – Sugarpill Cosmetics

This is a brief post about the review I left on the Sugarpill website for the Little Twin Stars collection I purchased this February.
I think I went a bit overboard on writing lol, Well! I wanted to say everything on my mind about it. (Later I will add my own photos I took as well.)

A dreamy fantasy come true~
“So it goes without saying that I absolutely adore anything that has to do with the Little Twin Stars to begin with. The moment I saw this I just had to have it. xD
I had been wanting to try sugarpill for a while now but I just couldn’t decide on when or even what I wanted to get as a first purchase. I will say that this colab did the choosing for me ♥. The package arrived fast and it was packed well. (I also purchased Ice Angel and Frostine as extra shadows and they were wrapped up nicely and had no damage either so I am happy about that.)
The packaging, oh my goodness, so pastel adorable. I Love the lilac lavender color combination with Kiki and Lala’s pink and blue colors. I just adore the packaging and it straight up reminds me of going to my favorite Sanrio stores and browsing the little twin star section. The cute makeup bag has the same faint little scent that you get from the little bags and other products in the stores too. (That was a plus~)
Now packaging aside I will say first of all I love pastel like colors and I prefer to use them on a daily basis. I swatched and tried out a few makeup looks with the palette and I will say that I am impressed on how the color held. It feels buttery and light like a dreamy cloud of color and lasted all day until I removed my makeup. (I am very impressed by sugarpill now, I definitely want to get some more eye colors for sure!) The color can be built upon to take it from barely sheer to bold and dramatic, I was able to blend the blue shade “Sky Ribbon” in with another palette I owned that had a magenta color in hopes to create a lilac color out of it and to my delight it worked nicely. From playing around I was able to make transitioning colors and unique new color blends nicely without a muddy look. (And of course the names plus the aesthetic of the products for sure fit the Twin Stars personalities, +1 more for keeping it aesthetically perfect.)
The lip colors are gorgeous, very bold but flattering. I have some shimmery glossy lip toppers that I like to use with them for different effects. I also use lip tints before I apply most of my glosses and liquid lipsticks to add a depth of color and I find that my cherry pink tint as well as my lavender lilac tint look adorable with these two shades too. They last very long and are like nearly bulletproof through eating and drinking, I was honestly shocked they lasted so well lol. Most lip products I accept the fact that they will get taken down easily by eating but to my surprise this stood the test of time for me. The color was definitely still there even if it wore away a bit, that has to say something. The only things that ever did that for me were my lip tints. (and even they wear away over time, barely leaving a hint of the shade they once were.)
For a first purchase from sugarpill I will say that I am very satisfied and that I will for sure be keeping this brand in my collection ♥.”

Since the collection was not the only thing I purchased in this single order I also will include the reviews I left for the other two single shadows I bought.
(I also noticed that the reviews left on the website have a limit or something? That makes me rather glad I backed up my full review here lol @.@ )

Review for “Ice Angel” ::

A very pretty shiny color“I actually really like this shadow and it is exactly what I was looking for. A shiny highlight color with an aurora iridescent shimmer.
I was using it as a highlight and a light color for the inner part of my eyes to accent my other shadows. It is really a beautiful color and it goes on fairly easy and smooth. I do like how I can build it up or keep it rather subtle. Like with the other items I got in my first purchase I definitely want to get more colors ♥.”

Review for “Frostine”::

A lovely lilac dream“This shadow was one I really wanted to have to pair with my LTS collection since it is a soft lilac/lavender color. It is such a dreamy color and it pairs well with my other really light purple shadows I have to bring a bit more life into them.  (The other shadows were just too light on their own, I usually like the pastel pink and purples but it was hard to get them to show very well. Putting Frostine over any of those pink/purple pastel shadows helps intensify their color and offers a soft shimmer too. I love it lol ♥) It especially looks super cute with the Little Twin Stars palette colors. Since that was what I was hoping for I am really happy with that. Like I mentioned in my last two reviews, I will definitely be back to get more colors.~”

Nifty Birthday Gift deals from various beauty brands February 1, 2018

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via Birthday Beauty Deals

So.. since it was the beginning of the year I wanted to check up on what the Birthday gifts that were going to be offered this year at some of the places I have memberships with. And amidst my searching I happened to stumble upon this persons helpful blog post regarding a lot of the beauty birthday gifts that were given out over the years. Because I thought it was so helpful I decided to mention it so I can look back on her list and hopefully share it with others who are interested in this sort of thing as well. I mean free birthday gifts are great~ It makes the month of your birthday feel a bit more special when you have a lot of nice things to redeem from things you enjoy. And I like to check and see what is up before my birth month arrives lol (I’m like right in the middle of the year so I have plenty of time to find out what is being given out if it is a standard gift for the year.)
Sooooo~ anyway, I hope whomever finds this has a Happy birthday and can get a little extra gift this year (and many more to come ♥ )

Conversations in the group chats- November 13, 2016

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And here we have a special edition of, “Conversations in the group chats”. A random collection of amusing and interesting quotes and conversations among either me, my friends, me and my friends, or just randomness in our group chats.

Today’s highlight is:

ZT – Yesterday at 1:42 PM
Got my first crazy of the day.
Some lady says that the tables are so dirty, she thinks she got herpes.

RD – Yesterday at 1:45 PM
She got herpes from the table? Did she drop trow and scootch on it?

ZT – Yesterday at 1:47 PM
I guess my cleaning the tables gave her herpes. :U

X – Yesterday at 2:12 PM
you should have said to her… congratulations for having the gift that keeps on giving -w-;;
or… “Congratulations!!! you won!!”


Tree of Savior ~ The Beta Archive October 10, 2015

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{This is a repost from a guild forum post I made to show my friends.}

Okies~ so Tree of Savior first beta for the international server had fully passed by this point (It came out in August, my birthday funny enough lol and lasted about a week.)

Soo im making a topic here (courtesy of Alice reminding me) about what we all experienced in the beta or anything anyone may want to discuss or show :3

Feel free to post your opinions, links, screenshots, videos about ToS here~
Lets all have fun like a big happy family of friends xD

The following is my Album of Screenshots from the 1st beta testing. (i literally dumped my entire SS folder and made an album lol so i didn’t sift through double takes)

Coming soon, the few videos i made during the beta xD

August 5th 2015 - ToS Beta
Album link::
August 5th, 2015 – ToS Beta | Full Album

A day out~ Memories February 25, 2015

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I found a neat little crepe place and decided to eat dinner here hehe. I ended up getting a salmon with cream cheese and capers. It sounds so tasty lol.
I am honestly surprised that I never saw this place before because I love crepes xD
I think I may head to the nice little bakery across the street after, maybe lol.


And it was so tasty lol. The flavor was spot on to what I was imagining it to be.
I’m going to get a sweet crepe too, chocolate strawberry and raspberry coulis with Chantilly creme and powdered sugar. That sounds like it would be really good too lol. I’m so terrible, I’m spoiling myself right now xD I really shouldn’t be but I am~

After that I guess I’ll check a few shops around here too :3

Annnd it was sooo good, the sweet and tart blended rather well. The creaminess of the creme and ice cream along side it added a nice smooth depth to the sweet and tart. Almost velvety yet delicately flavored. (I actually did not get a photo of that one because I just didn’t think of it at the time lol. I was kind of in a rush so I missed it.)

8:52 PM
I have to admit it is also a bit chilly outside tonight lol.  Though I guess its not so bad yet. My hands do most definitely feel icy xD
I guess that cant be helped entirely, it feels like its in the low 60’s. At least I know my phone won’t overheat out here lol.

Once again I noticed places I didn’t realize were here before, though I don’t normally like being around this city at night it isn’t so bad since it isn’t that late yet.

Another chapter in your life, another year gone by. January 17, 2015

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A wondrous day indeed, all i pray for is that i will be able to see your smile at the end of it.

Currently Feeling..:


Today is a special day for you S——-, and even though you might not be too excited about it i guess my excitement makes up for it lol.
I want to wish you the best in all that is yet to come.
To wish you the best of the worse that may befall upon you.
I wish that you might smile at least once every single day, even if there was frustration or sadness or tears. That maybe i could help lift you out of it if you wished me to do so.
I pray that your pains and sorrows might be eased, that you would never dwell in the doom that comes your way. That the light will shine through and take all that darkness away.
I hope for your life to be filled with lots of love and appreciation because no one deserves to feel hopeless or unloved, Especially you.
I wish you happiness and success in what you may attempt to accomplish. That your hard work would never go unnoticed.
I pray that your health would be well and even better than it ever has been, that you would be exuberant and energetic as i know you could be. That life may not bore you and you would feel warmth in your heart, clarity in your mind, and strength in your spirit to keep you moving forward.
Many things that will arrive in your life this coming year, this is the beginning of another chapter.
Although i have not truly fully known you for more than a single year, i am thankful and i am honored to have been a part of your life. A part of that chapter and a part of this new one that is about to unfold. I will be here and a part of it for as long as you wish me to be, and even if you wished to part ways i would still be here thinking of you and praying for your well-being. You are a part of my life forever, thank you for letting me be in this journey of yours.
I hope that i can bring you smiles and laughter for as long as i’m sharing this path of yours in your life. Your story will continue on and i am glad to be a part of it. Just as you are a part of my journey, your presence is an important part of my life.

As the past drifts away we will never fully forget the memories and events that slowly built up to this day and the next and even years from now. After all, it is those very things that made us what we are today and we should cherish them. Whether good or bad, sad or upsetting.. All of the memories are locked away in the pages of our story. The many chapters that add up to this wonderful journey, tragic story, and crazy adventure.
Building many more amazing chapters to your life each and every day, thank you for letting me be a part of it.
~Such is the day that you came to exist, it is quite special and i feel that is right.
I feel that a celebration is in order, i do insist. As this is the anniversary of which you took your first breath of life.~
Happy Birthday S– — <3

The view I see in the distance, in the horizon. December 31, 2014

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As a storm continues raging all you can do is wait for it to pass, right..? Maybe i’ll keep waiting for you then.

Currently Feeling..:


So as this is pretty much the last post of this year as the time counts down closer and closer to the dawn of our new year. I begin reflecting on all that has happened thus far, just as i have been reflecting at least for this entire last month. With the many troubles clouding my mind i am trying my best to keep positive and hold onto the warm happy blips amongst the issues. I want to be able to bring a smile, to bring happiness, to all those whom i cherish dearly.
A few people in my mind, in my thoughts, as i reflect this night.

S-, N-, T-, Z- . You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this year brings you all clarity and relief from all of your problems that you may come across. And despite all of my weaknesses (which i am grateful to have friends like you to listen and care about me. I wish there was a word i could call you all that is higher than that because to me you guys are like family.) I am always ready to listen and be here to help you just as you help me. Raise your spirits as you raise mine. Laugh and smile together and enjoy each-others company. There are many many numerous things i could possibly say but i think i would be sitting here for hours talking about them, and i am sure that many of the things i would probably blank on being able to explain when there are things that are best explained in person. I hope that you will allow me to record all of these memories we share. To remember each one fondly, because those are the things that make me continue onward each day. May we never lose touch, may we always be close, may we always be near no matter the distance between us.
As well as my bonds that i hold dearly to my heart, i look toward the future and wonder what it holds for me. Thinking of the things that could, should, and possibly would happen. Things i hope, wish, desire as well. I hope this coming year brings those things to me. If it does so, i would grasp and hold them with care and never wish to let go.

May the things in the near future be eased worries, may there be clarity through the fog and mist that seems to be blocking the horizon. May the sun’s warm rays pierce through the clouds and clear that fog and mist as the new dawn rises.. as i stand there looking endearingly toward the near future to be. With new hopes and new paths to open, knowing i wont be walking down them alone but with those whom i cherish dearly.
There are many things i am hoping and praying that this new year will bring, many of which would change perspectives and worlds around. I hope for the better, and with that i look forward to building many more wonderful memories to capture and remember in my heart and mind. There are many things i wish to do, many things i may be able to do easily where others are not so much. I still hope i can strive for the more difficult ones because those are the ones i feel much desire to obtain. Either way however, i will be happy and continue trying.. moving onward through this year.

I suppose lately i have been writing rather serious and emotional things than the fun silly things i once used to. I hope i can go back to do those things from time to time because i’m sure that despite them being silly writings, it was nice to have silly things to talk about and reflect on. I had been neglecting to talk about various subjects for much too long in my opinion and i feel its time to try and bring myself and others up to speed with what i have been up to and what i have been thinking of rather than the random blips of emotion being spilled upon paper. I have been wanting to put random screenshots and stories from the games i play(ed) and other silly things i do in real life. (like the various projects i had worked on and even gifts i made for friends and family.) I would love to begin recording these memories more because i want to have something to share with the people i care about. And if ever were there something to happen to me, my words would live on and they can look at all i have been saying while i was around.
Journals of the Journey in my life, the various paths i have taken as well as many people i have met. I want to remember it all.
So to note as a final thought, May the many memories we make last forever. Even beyond our lifetimes. I hope to remain in all of your hearts as a precious memory, a beloved friend in your lives. Just as you all are to me.

As the days go on, i wish to learn more and progress further into this distant future of mine. May you all be there along with me or be waiting for me at the end of each road with your hands stretched out toward me as i grasp tightly and hold on. Let us walk together, never alone, down this gently lit road filled with the many adventures and trials that await us all.
Loving you all with all my heart, may you always be in my thoughts and spread warmth throughout my dreams.
– Hope ♥ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—

Wandering in the depths of my mind, heart, and soul. December 19, 2014

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Taking a glance at the glass, the reflection in the mirror. The deeper i look the more i see. Won’t you tell me what i want to know? Won’t you say what i need to hear?

Currently Feeling..:


So, i guess things started getting from good to bad to worse in a short time span. Once again i suppose it couldn’t be helped but there is really only so much i can do. However all of this going on right now is causing me to lapse into a depression that i’m struggling to get out of. Running away isn’t something i am proud of, not in the least. But i cannot help this feeling of needing to run in the first place.
Time and time again it ends up happening and it is very difficult to even escape. The tight grasp of reality tugging and pulling at my heart, body and soul is just unnerving.
I feel like i’m lying in an imbalanced mess of emotions coming forth from all directions possible, smothering me with the feelings that make me overwhelmed.
Although i might not be able to escape easily, i’m trying my best to overcome this and trying as well to not run away from my friends in the middle of it.
Why do i feel the need to hide from even things which i once deemed safe?
What is the reason why i fear this cold sensation that overcomes me, even though the warmth is so near?
There are so many things i can ask myself but really i might never know. All the answers i may seek to find, i guess its best that some are left a mystery.
All of the emotions that are overcoming me right now, a mixture of chaos just stiring in the air. It is so difficult to find the right words of what i would like to say… to feel.
Please don’t let me run away, don’t let me go even if i try. It isn’t what i want but i cant stop the sensation of wanting to.
I don’t want to experience the feeling of almost losing myself once more. I don’t wish to make the same foolish mistakes i once made in the past when things got too dramatic.
I want to be there, for everything..

As my emotions are stirred up in a flurry, i will try to overcome the things i once was not able to. If for you all whom i hold so dear and cherish, i would do anything.
May this night be peaceful and calm despite the tears that may fall randomly. May the smiles return and the warmth never leave. May this picture become like the ones we once remembered, the sweet scent of reminiscence.

Whispers from the Heart December 11, 2014

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Like the slight breeze before the soon coming storm in the distance… Such as so are the whispers from my heart. Gentle yet Intense over time as the words begin flowing, i just pray they don’t carry you away~

Currently Feeling..:

Content yet Shy

So its almost mid December now and it feels like so many things have happened.
As i am getting random bits of sadness strung across bits of happiness through situations with my friends, i am hoping that things will just start to look more positively from here on out.
The weather has been chilly and thankfully rainy (as we have been needing that so desperately) and i believe its going to continue at least through the rest of this week. It has been so long since i’ve been able to see my backyard almost fully green and lively with all of the wonderful plants i have. All throughout this year it seems like there was only suffering due to the lack of rain and intense heat. I am glad that there’s a bit of revitalization at least.
As this month continues on i proceed to prepare for a few more birthdays of friends coming up :3 It is actually a bit stressful to think about how i am going to go about doing all of this but i’m sure i will manage ^^;

I just anticipate their reactions when i give them gifts that i’ve been trying to plan out since like last month lol. I really hope they enjoy what i’m going to give them as much as i’m giddy just thinking it over.
Feeling like i have been getting closer to all of my friends, even just a little bit, has really made me feel glad. After many years of being sort of isolated from friendships due to problems and trials with other friends, i feel like i’m finally able to get close to people once again. And i am so grateful for it because if there was any time i needed it truly.. i would say now is the time.
My heart is ecstatic over all of this emotional overload and i suppose it makes me look a bit silly. Silly enough that some of my close friends just cant help but want to tease me just to see me flustered. I love them so much but lol it drives me crazy that they want to see me flustered so much. Oh well what can you do, i just enjoy seeing and hearing their smiles when they talk to me. I suppose my embarrassment is worth their happiness in the end. I don’t mind it because in a way, despite my shyness, i like the fact that they are playing around with me. It really made all of our bonds closer.
On the flip side of that note, i suppose with this new found closeness it also is a recipe for me getting hurt a bit easier. Because i think of them all so highly and it is very difficult for me to not take things to heart.. Even the most simplest things that may seem hurtful still get to me. Although i try my hardest to not let it, i suppose i cant help it and it still affects me in some ways. Because of this, there have been big clashes between ideals with me and a few of my best friends.. and because i don’t want conflicts i just try to sit silently. Despite it just being a rant and lashing out without reason, it still ends up hurting me even though i know there isn’t anything i can really do about it. I would rather just endure the moments of chaos than damage any of the bonds i worked so hard to build. I suppose that’s another issue with building bonds like these. They grow to be so strong but at times can be so fragile as well. I suppose its the fragile bits that worry and scare me the most because i don’t want to lose friends again, that is a heartache i have a hard time healing over time. I have lost many friends, some through unfortunate circumstances and others through things that couldn’t be helped. I just want to try my best to not lose anymore.

On another note, it seems as though my activity in Ragnarok might increase more due to all the new updates we’ve been getting @.@ Now i feel like i have to reach the new level cap and obtain the new skills that came out lol. Though i haven’t been talking about it much, alot of things have happened in RO for me this last year. Maybe i’ll do a highlight with pictures sometime soon but i need to search throughout my screenshots and replays before i do that.

Other than that i do have a new camera now, and its pretty nice. Since i was little i always wanted to have one of those Canon cameras like some of my relatives had. I like taking pictures of random things randomly, as well as taking pictures of things that i have made. It wasn’t until now that i actually have a decent high end camera with exchangeable lenses. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to obtain these things, i hope that this new camera of mine will help me capture more memories of things that i cherish. (and be able to look back at those exact moments. )

Here is to hoping that as this year comes to an end like the many years in the past, that more blessings will come all our ways. Thank you everyone, all my friends, all of those whom i cherish and love. Lets make new memories and watch them blossom as we reflect on the memories of the past in reminiscence.

The Sharp Words That Pierce My Heart of Glass.. December 6, 2014

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..even the silence stabs so deeply… i wonder if this wound will heal or just remain as a blood stained memory..

Currently Feeling..:

Sad & Concerned

I don’t know what i am feeling right now.. i suppose maybe a slight despair? I am so confused with all these thoughts racing through my mind. I don’t even know where to start….
With the end of the year quickly approaching, it feels like things are happening crazy fast. I never thought i would feel so torn as i do right now. However.. i guess it cannot be helped.
I want “you” to know that yes.. you are still on my mind and.. yes, i have not slept yet. I just wanted to record what i feel before i rest. I hope i don’t have a bad dream because of this.. I don’t feel awkward because of the subject we were on. I felt awkward because i couldn’t bring myself to answer you with what was on my mind. I feel stupid because of it.. i mean yes it is very late right now but that was obviously a problem somewhere in that. I mean… you denied leaving for the night several times just shortly before that part of the convo simply because you wanted to make sure i felt better. I mean maybe im looking too much into this but i am pretty sure you left at the time you did for some other reason whether you will want to tell me or not. The end of that convo felt cold… unlike the usual sweet warmth that normally leaving on a happy note ends with. Clearly something is bothering you and i dont know what it is or even why. This has happened a few times before and at this point i think i understand that really when this “feeling in the air” changes to that coldness.. it usually means there’s a problem. I may not have been able to hear your voice or see your expression at that point of the conversation but i clearly felt something. I refuse to believe any other way.
Honestly.. aside from that, i mean i’m getting this same cold feeling come from various places…. my family and even other friends. I.. don’t know what is going on. Am i being cast aside out of defense on the opposing matter?
I am trying my best to make smiles and joyful auras around all of what we do. Though… i am guessing it is just one of those times where no amount of anything i do could change the outcome. Maybe i said the wrong things? Maybe i didn’t say what needed to be said? Maybe.. i’m just missing something and i’m looking like a derp and it causes the outcome to be “fed up” or “miserable”.
Whatever the case may be, it sucks… and i want to fix it.. Badly.
I truly hope that all the words i could have left unsaid (but didn’t) were not a mistake. I pray to God that it wont be a mistake. I don’t know how i would handle a pain like what i’m thinking could possibly be lying there. Maybe i’m being overly dramatic… but i surely hope i am. I suppose tomorrow will tell what lies in store for these issues i’m facing currently…
For now i suppose i have no choice but to rest in an uncertain slumber, awaiting a unknown feeling… an unknown reaction… this cliffhanger killing me… anticipating what may become of this new chapter that is about to begin.