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Lair of Memories – Archived Post November 2, 2002

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Saturday, November 02, 2002
Yesterday, funny, crowded, evil, the Hatsumas of San Marino…. ~.~”….. urrrr… i shoulda been warned about them…. aiieee…. Reimai -.-” neee… some of your teachers are really nice, some just scare me cause they are stirct or they are just not in the mood to see people… maybe….They were just stressed out cause it was a long day? ^.^” urr… `.`” hatsuma dean……… i sware someday i am going to get those wheels on that chair and strangle him with a cord connected to those wheels and see how he would like to ride a “Sky lift” `.`…… Muwheehehehe…….**cough** i AM the queen! i’m more beautiful than the goddess!……The devil is my slave!!!**singing to that song** Muuwahaha…anyways, what to do what to do… my gosh its about 1 AM right now. i think i should go to sleep soon. on halloween, i visited my Reimai as well as yesterday. Aieee… we ate “jenova” eeee…. scary….**cough** aiee.. so many problems… its a Nightmare come true… so much to say but little to express… for goodness sake i am “Dead Pan” right now! Reimai, you may be able to talk to me in your dreams about certain things within your deep down dark secrets but not in real person because i know you would have to hide just a bit, not to tell me the whole story. Its to be protected ne? i would think it was…. and the stupid thing finally lit up like 5 min ago…-.-” the one i was flicking around in your 1st period class….my mashimaru Yeaps, that me remember? ^.^” <- by the way, who is this to you Reimai? i cant seem to figure out who it could be…

Oh yes, Akua you are cool! ^.^ enjoyed seeing you and Radish! both of you are cool! i hope to plan another visit there.., someday… as long as that “Hatsuma Dean” is in a straight jacket, then i shall tie those wheels to his feet then tie his ankles together with wire and cut out his tounge with my switch blade, or soon to be Sword, Happy!!!

Ok then, thats all for now ^.^ till later!

Posted 11/2/2002 1:06 AM


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