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Lair of Memories – Archived Post November 7, 2002

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Thursday, November 07, 2002
Not much happening here, missing what i wish i saw everyday…. aiee… such life shouldent be tortureous…. i would enjoy a lil bliss here and there some times…. Kaitlin, Jennifer, and her “clone” Rachel! who else?…REIMAI! Akua! aieeee…….. i am so out of it today! getting too much stress…. write two essays! oh my……..i hate this, well lessie…oh yea that power point project for world history… god i dont even know how to make a power point presentation! for one its because my freaking computer has not been updated with new software ever sence… god…… how long ago was that? maybe 2 years? maybe 3? too long to remember…… my dad is just too freaking lazy, and mean, to get me anything to update my computer, i mean if hes not gonna get me a new computer the least he could do is get me new software to install so it can be partialy updated…….and Andrew better remember to bring his Microsoft Office CD to me tommorow so i can install that and have the power point program so i can work on the freaking thing…….

Besides that…. WHY DOES EVERYONE GET THE GAMES I WANT?! RICK GETS TO HAVE KINGDOM HEARTS AND DEVIL MAY CRY! yes Reimai Devil May Cry…. and to keep me from whinning he was nice enough to let me borrow it tommorrow and for the weekend me thinks….Hopefully…..

what else? hmmm…oh yea….. Rick also kept saying he beat Sephiroth on Kingdom Hearts over 50 times  aieeeee…… its not fair!!! Maybe i could be over reacting! but he said he beat all my fave characters millions of times! you know how that makes me feel!? i cant even beat them cause they are my fave!! **sniffle** yes, Reimai….i know you are prolly thinking im crazy or something, well maybe i am, maybe im just going over board…. maybe you understand, maybe just maybe you are on my side cause you know how i am… neerrrrrhh…..

Well, im looking forward to tommorow so i can talk to my reimai and play “Devil May Cry”…. MUWAHAHAHAHAA!!!! YES DEVIL MAY CRY! just like my birthday……-.-” a cherished memory i shall remember for the rest of my life!

**at best buy**

Hope: Cassie maybe we should just leave, i dont see it anywhere….

Cassie: nonsence, they must have it.. I’ll ask

Hope: No really its ok!**talking to her back**

Cassie: **talking to besy buy guy** Excuse me.

Best buy guy: yes? may i help you?

Cassie: Do you have the game Devil may cry?

Best Buy guy: Debil may cry?

Cassie: no DEVIL may cry

Best Buy guy: Debil?

Cassie: no devil!

Best Buy guy: Debil may cry?

Cassie: No Devil!

Best Buy guy: Oh devil? Like the guy with horns? **makes horn like things on his head with his fingers**

Hope:: **pokes cassie trying not to laugh** pphhsmm…hehaha…

Cassie:: aieee….

Hope:: it was Devil may cry

Best Buy guy:Devil? May Cry?

both hope and cassie:: errr…..

Best Buy guy: **calls his friend to help** hey, yea they were looking for a game called, Devil May cry

Best Buy guy2: Devil may cry? as in the guy with horns? **does the horn thing with his fingers too**

Best Buy guy: yea, so do we have it?

Best Buy guy2: im not sure let me see **a big commotion is started by that**

((about 10 minutes later, including the talk about the name of the game))

Best Buy guy: No, im sorry, But we dont have that game

Both Hope And Cassie:: err… ok thank you anyways…

Hope:: **laughing a bit** heh… now thats one thing im always going to remember

Cassie: Shut up..**laughing a bit too** hahaa…. this always happens…

Hope:: i know, same here…

And that was the incident me and my reimai shall always cherish, and imagine… this all happened on my birthday… what a string of luck huh? ^.^” aiee ok then, im sure My reimai is yelling because i told the whole story once more and we both shall have a nightmare that we go to best buy once more and have the same thing happen all over again….. MUwahaha….. enjoy your sleep while you can because sooner or later the Best Buy guy Shall get you too! just as he got me and my Reimai, he shall torture you with bad pronounciation and annoying, might i add, very annoying conversations…. Beware everyone! Especially Aku-a because she wont be able to take one minute with him! LOL bai now!


Posted 11/7/2002 8:35 PM


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