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Lair of Memories – Archived Post December 9, 2002

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Monday, December 09, 2002
  Not too late yet….. as many ppl been wondering and asking me, what do i want for christmas, lets go down and through the list shall we?

Hope(Angel/Ruba)’s Wishlist

1. Me likes anime plushies, specific? well i like Characters from Love Hina, Inuyasha, Hamtaro (so kawaii), Fushigi Yuugi, Tenchi (all series) and especially a Sephiroth plush…much more…those are just the main ones…..

2. I also like manga of the above mentioned animes

3. Cutsom made dolls only my reimai could know of…

4.If so, family members will get me dvds of all animes i like….

5. Kawaii lil bells and a big bell!^.^” i like bells, dress me like a neko!

6. Maybe a few video games…

7.A new computer! (already in the process of being given to me)

8. Peace and quiet from my grandmother…. she calls too much and so on.. once shes started and you get on her nerves its the end of your day……

9. Happiness for my Reimai….she needs it bad

10. Catnip for ryoki… she needs to chill..

11. For my dad to leave me be and stop caling me weird nicknames…..

12.(addition to number 5) Custom made White Neko Ears and A White Neko Tail ^.^! meow!

13.To see my cousin “Lil Larry”(in the process of happening)

14. To meet lance bass so i can kill him for making my Sephy Sama sound like a dragon with a deep voice…

15.To rid of the well known bakas of the “Hastuma” clan…(includes: Dean, Justin, and his love Kagato Victor…)

16.A fluffy and kawaii soft black cat stuffie with a red ribbon tied around its neck, if posable yellow eyes ^.^ good if its at least 12″ long not including tail length

17. To spend at least part of christmas with my Reimai and make up for all the hell i accidently put her through

18.A gold/silver bell bracelet (you know me likes bells ^.^”)

19. Tealight candles (colors: Red, Blue/light blue, Pink, White)

20.(addition to number 19)… Maybe a kitty tealight holder ^.^”

21. A Cherry Blossom Tree, or seeds to grow one ^.^” (always wanted one sence i was lil)

20. To hug “Chibi” and give her a christmas present ^.^!

21.To take a picture with my Reimai

22. To sing a christmas song me and my Reimai made up…

23. To afford to buy gifts or make them (my famous Cookies that for some reason ppl are addicted to O.o”,last christmas they went crazy and were trying to steal eachothers cookies..then askig me if i had more ^.^”)

24. To see Aku-a and everyone else again!

25.To get and save money o.o …

26. To have finally get full trust from my Reimai’s Aunt

27. ….And to live my life

,*~* Im not asking for much, they arnt must haves!.. just desires… i have more deeper wishes and desires.. those i cannot mention because they take time and cannot be bought…in other words they are priceless….*~*,

Posted 12/9/2002 11:14 PM


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