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Lair of Memories – Archived Post January 2, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Thursday, January 02, 2003
O.o”” my mom actually got me something (although kinda late) that was on my christmas list… she got me outa print manga O.O” i cant believe it, and i thought she didnt know what the heck it was lol she proved me wrong!! Im gonna be getting my new computer tommorow or so, if it doesnt come i will destroy everything within a 30 mile radius….. except for the houses of the people i like ^.^ because thats just so sad if i did so to their houses, oh well i am gonna prolly be reading both manga soon lol when it gets here that is HAHAHAA, can’t read anything that isnt even here with me yet that would just be scary if it was…….My neko, Ryo-ki, she is one crazy minded thing! she is really smart though many people mistake her smarts for idiotics (now it sounds like class courses O.o” maybe it is ….somewhere) she is a kawaii smart and gentle neko, shes also funny at times and does kawaii things to cheer you up if you are sad ^.^ shes so sweet! OooOok maybe sometimes she can be outa hand like she is right now **looks behind herself to find a over turned lamp, hairclips on the floor, a keyboard right-side-up on a radio, CDs spread out on the floor, plushies and books fallen over, a couple of pictures almost falling off the wall, and lil paw prints on the wall, carpet, and computer…** errr.. i really need to train her better…….. (AND SHES NOT A POKE-E-MON!!).. really once in a while i wish she’d chill out like “Chibi”…. “Chibi” is always calm and most of the time quiet…but you can always hear “woOok” or something close to that in her presence ^.^”…. “Chibi” has her own language! me thinking its called Wok-anese……. mmmmk, thats really all i can think of for today. Wow isnt that a small bit of information!? i usually write alot alot more but i guess sence i got most of my mind out yesterday im assuming that today would be a bit smaller than yesterdays ^.^!
Posted 1/2/2003 11:55 AM


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