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Lair of Memories – Archived Post January 3, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Friday, January 03, 2003
hmmmmm….. lessie what about today hum? well i got to talk to my friend kaitlin ^.^”  hmm i am actually starting to scan some pics for my website and im figuring where to store them sence its alot of space… well not really but to me it is lol i need at least 5 mb on my main site just in case lol…. so im getting it all set up together. hmm what else… Been reading my new manga and im totally happy with it sence i usually am bored to death about well because theres totally nothing to do which is pretty sad to me -.- … though the lack of talking to my best friends is getting to me now, i need friends!! talk to me ppl! even if its in a stupid e-mail i need to read or talk to something/someone (yes something such at my monitor while reading a e-mail because it makes me feel better as if im talking to them. But dont think of me lower than i already am lol im the girl that laughs at empty juice boxes remember! ^.’ lol!!! no really i do… AND I DONT TAKE MEDICINE. thats only for mainiacs….such as i lol)

hmm lessie… i agree that my loss of friends is really making me low.. i feel worthless like im dirt…. nerrr…. but i bet you think im just saying that for attention duncha? well im not….. me ish sad and depressed becuase i havent talked to one good friend for about two days now *.* ……..well thats how i feel it is…(litterally i feel its been about a month or two of no talkie to a friend… but thats just my mind and also one day=one month in my head lol…)

Hit me with a Vincent Plushie Reimai i beleive i deserve it, i feel as though i drove you away and made you mad, i need to be punished for not being a good friend… *is tied to a pole* i deserve any punishment *.* ……… i wasnt a good best friend and Oonechan to you *closes eyes* im ready for what ever you throw at me… (P.S my dad STILL thinks you are mad at me or something like we got into a fight or so on…… but we didnt…….did we?…)Neeee gomen gomen gomen gomen!! ,*.*,

I shall just sit here waiting for what i deserve to come to me… if anyone needs me, you can find me staring at my inbox for letters nee! buh bai for nowz!

Posted 1/3/2003 11:23 PM


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