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Lair of Memories – Archived Post February 3, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Monday, February 03, 2003
TOO MUCH WEIRD STUFFIES!!!…..**pant pant** errr…. so far i am acting worse than i usually do… man i am so odd… Katsuki is helping me with my website when i said he didnt have to host it on his server….but he did anyways… mm…-.-“… its ok…i guess, i really think i should be dealing with that stuff on my own because i made it and yes.. i have many other reasons for things… I havent RPed in a while.. well so i think.. After RPing with “Kikyou” i believe that i have seen all the weird RPers… her, her friends, Errr and the annoying and Poofy (what he calls himself) Tins… how can a tin be poofy anyways?… i dunno ask him…. i just hope its his name… i mean hes gotta die SOMEtime…. you cant be actually Imortal… and i thought i saw all the ones who thought they were imortal… throw him off a cliff and he bounces… throw him into fire he burns but he poofs back to himself… and he says its a CURSE… i dont think curses would be like that, especially to be able to “Poof” i mean thats just weird… Besides that and on the subject, when i RP i am always hunted for some reason, or im in a fight that people just pull me in… And unlike tins, YES i die, sometimes.. im just brought back by kind people ^.^ my friends… and if i die and a friend cannot bring me back, they go to kill the one who killed me… At least theres something there, i mean its not THAT bad to die in a RPG…. Tins is the only person i think i know that is a guy and is afraid to die in a RPG…not to mention his little “poofing” ability… **sigh**

On the same subject, “Kikyou” is a bit like Tins… sept when she dies, she doesnt know it she just goes to her “Fountain of Youth” which is sopost to heal any wound… and i thought the fountain of youth was water you drink and you are imortal or something like that… According to her you cannot drink the water from this fountain… though i was healed in it once but the damage was made by “Kikyou” herself…. On her other user name..(which i found out she was kikyou, she was orignaly on this s/n this is the one i met her on…)  Angel_80091… she says that angel hunters are after me and her or something, when there is nothing….and besides that if she didnt want to be known she could have at least taken out the most noticable part of her usernames, both user names are “Angel_80097” and “Kikyou_90098” dont they look a bit alike? yes i thought so, also the fact that she always calls me in a yell, and because of her paranoid mind… “THE HUNTERS ARE COMMING HURRY HIDE!” **grabs me and throws me off a cliff**  yes she threw me off a cliff numerous times to either save me, or commit suicide notice that she wanted to commit suicide to herself but threw me off the cliff like i am her or something… maybe i should have let “Sword” kill her after all…. god now i feel like Kagome again… “On Second Thought, Kill Her!!!” yes i put her insted of him (that was the episode kagome met miroku and he touched her, inuyasha was going to kill him but kagome said not to…until she changed her mind about it when he touched her…)

There was one thing that “Kikyou” let me keep in mind, that there IS angel hunters out there playing in RPGs as them… i was the victim of one strong one only once that i can think of, other than the time a bunch of bakas ganged up on me but the funny thing was that i still won… XD lol.., anyways the one i was victim of was pretty strong, “Sword” was protecting me and so was his brother “Los” , the thing was that we all didnt know what the heck our ememy was, it got so bad that i had to jump in and fight as well, though i did get KOed ^.^”…. but the thing was he fled after i was KOed… i dunno why, he could have finished me off or taken me to finish me, but he chose not to… i guess because if he DID kill me “Sword” and “Los” would hunt him lol… mmm lessie what else…oh and i guess everything isnt so bad as it is right now, i am quite enjoying it ^.^….

RPing is one thing the rest is another, school is just a big RPG for me… most of the people that i met at school acts like a person i know in a RPG lol…. but hell, no one can be “Sword”,”Los”,”Yami”, and im starting to think no one would be “Kikyou” but yea shes unique in her own way lol…. Mainly because no one acts like them and they are “Special” ^.^! hmm other than that, at school my new friends act like my old ones, somewhat… Just not as crazy or daring lol…. Psh if i dared one of my old friends to do something weird that no one would do (i cant think of any right now…other than the “Gay Alex” story which i will tell after) they would do it willingly just to get a laugh or a thrill, its quite funny and enjoyable, i miss my old friends… But no one, and i mean no one when i say it, no one was as daring. idiotc, or crazy as “Gay Alex” as we call him. And no he isnt really gay…. we just call him that, and this is why ^.^”…. If anyone would do a crazy dare it would  be Alex (AkA “Gay Alex”) like this one time, my friends boyfriend was kind of afraid of alex because of the dares he would do so my other friend decided that it would be funny if we (that would be her, me,and my friend*the friend with the b/f we were playing the trick on*) played a trick on her b/f, my friend actually thought it wasnt such a bad idea to trick her b/f so we all pitched in ^.^”…. “Gay Alex” was dared to act gay with her b/f, which was pretty sad and funny all in one because after he learned his lesson ^.^, what happened was during our lunch time, me, my friend (girl with b/f) and my other friend  met up, Alex was ready for his role, My friend b/f came out of class and Alex went crazy on him, he hugged him he tried to kiss him and he held his hand, or tried to (it was actually his wrist while my friends b/f was trying to escape) after that was done my friend b/f actually had a good laugh and wasnt afraid of alex anymore and we were all friends.(Note: Alex would do this to any guy and maybe even worse dares…. so be careful! XD!)…but later *maybe a few weeks* he got hit in the head with MY umbrella by Kaitlen… and she broke it on his head too -.-“…. IT WAS MY FREAKING UMBRELLA..it didnt cost HER anything so why did she use mine and why did she hit “Gay Alex” in the first place??!??! i dunno and i never found out so i guess i will never know!!! O.o”!!!

oh and i have been singing my japanese songs this whole time while typing my entry for today XD! hahaha….. 3rd language eh? well thats what my mom says lol!! oh and count the “wok-anese” lol cause thats an easy one to speak too lol!!….. (wok-anese is a language made by chibi and i thank her for making it cause its funny, fun, and a crazy language…oh and for ppl who dunno what im talking about… dont bother to ask its too weird haha…)

And to finish this i would like to thank “Sword”,”Los”, and my Reimai for helping me and being there for me ^.^…. aww such a nice thing to say, no? well i mean it!! Neee you guys are the best!! **huggles for you all** ok its about time for me to wrap this up because im sure you dont want to sit listening to me anymore, we all have more importaint things to do right? Nah… we all love me lol!!….. Till next time, Ja Ne!! Sayonara!

Posted 2/3/2003 7:22 PM


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