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Lair of Memories – Archived Post June 22, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Sunday, June 22, 2003
though i thought it was the end, it actually is just the beginning @.@ summer school is evil… and i thought i could just have a bit more vacation but nooooo stupid summer school comes in… I hate it, i wish i had a summer vacation without worrying about school or anything of the sort -.-;; school just gets me down… **lays on the floor** @.@

Kairi you are too much ^.^;; lol XD we have to go to the mall sometime! that would be fun, free myself from the invisable prison i am confined in, x.x! Well i am sure more weird things will happen to ammuse us XD yeah… just been a few days and we are just getting started XD!!

Cassie… Yoooouuuu must coooommmmmeee bacckkkkk!! evil aunt is keeping you far away, its just not right… i shall have to do something about this… >.>;;; **walks away as she takes her sword with her**

Jenna, you are crazy! taking on people like that XD! ah but thats why we like you, cause you are crazy and aggressive. I should get you a weapon sometime >.>;; XD yeah that’ll be the day! till then, use your hands and attitude to beat everyone down, you are doing good with that! ^.^

Ohh i am so emotional around my older friends, i just miss them so much! T.T although other than that i finally realized how gullible i actually am @.@ this is so sad… “certain” people like to use that agenst me X.x;;… aiee, they shall have their pay back soon enough.

Darn its so cold **shivers** and its sopost to be summer, @.@ ah well… Things arent always what they seem ^.^;; which reminds me of something… **looks around and walks off**

Many thanks to everyone, my old friends and new! Aww i just love you all! you all make my day ^.^ (PS kairi… dont think weird things, that statement was just…. it was not ment to be told to people like Dev or Cloud @.@…**looks around** ah…im scared now x.x;;;….)

Alright then, Ja Ne!! ^.^ **waves and walks away**

Posted 6/22/2003 4:46 PM


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