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Lair of Memories – Archived Post July 15, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
*~Illusions can become real~*

Finding old friends yet trying to understand my confusion, Lately i have been meeting up with old friends. I could say they are people from my past, I can also say they are special people who changed my life. I still remember them, and alot of things about them, which actually surprises them. Good things or Bad, When i search for a bad part in my past i find good and when i am searching for the good i find nothing but the bad. Talk about oposites… But still finding old friends and meeting many new ones i wish to keep, and know as long as my older friends and longer, is a good thing in my life. I’m glad things are starting to look good but theres still those little small things that turn out bad.

Hmm whats today, the 15th of July? Seems like the summer is going by fast… about 20 more days till my birthday. A couple of people (actually quite a few >.>;; ) are looking forward to my birthday. Which is a big shock for me since no one really cared whether i was happy much or not.
I always cared for others even if they hate me, i still wish there was a chance that me and grace could get to know eachother better… i never hated her but she seems to enjoy trying to get on my nerves. Which to tell the truth isn’t working, we have our distances and our differences but i still care for her. If i found out she was having problems i would try to help her, if she would allow me to. I doubt we will get far in a friendship since the beginning was a bit off course… well i guess i can’t cry over something that wasn’t ment to be, i should just move on.

Kairi and her “crazy eyes” thing XD… yeah… font skimming yesterday, pretty funny, making me feel a bit better about things. Laughter is good as a base healing. Other than hearing more problems from distant (yet so close) friends, I am trying to deal with my own. And if i need help this time i won’t leave out my friends and scare them half to death just because i want to be independent @.@;; won’t do it again, people get pushy after stuff like that…

Icy come baccckkk @.@;; i don’t want it to be another 6 months before we speak to one another online again… that was sad. I thought we weren’t ever gonna be able to talk again x.x;; So please return soon, bug your brother about fixing your computer instead of being the annoying lazy person you mentioned he was. Ah, i don’t think hes really that bad but i really don’t know him so i can’t exactly say anything about it ^.^;; Well anyways just come back soon… i miss you… T.T;;

For all my friends i thank you all once more for all your support. Especially now since of all that has happened, we still are all close and not distant, lets all stay that way. Being apart for a long time is rough, let us all not separate again… Alright then everyone, it’s about time i wraped this up, Sayonara Minna-san!!

Posted 7/15/2003 5:43 PM


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