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Lair of Memories – Archived Post July 29, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
*~Missing, Something’s Missing…~*

Hmm… well for one its pretty darn early @.@;; about 2:06 AM… >.>;; well let me see here, i was recently reminded, by an old friend, about someone from my past… They still haven’t gotten back to me yet but i really hope that they do, and very soon… u.u;;
It also rained last night which is a miracle because i wished it to rain before hand… i wished it to rain around the time of my birthday ^.^ … it just leaves a mystery in the weather again…. Heh some people already said that i can control the weather and make it respond to me O.o;; lol.. i really am unsure about that, but the thought of it is pretty cool, teehehe…

As it gets closer to my birthday more surprises come, though i am not feeling so good again X.x;;
I really didn’t care for a party or anything of the sort for my birthday because i always become disapointed at the fact that hardly anyone shows up, and i usually invite my close friends too. After arguing with my mother about that she still didn’t seem to give up, its like a mini war between me and her, but its just because i am agenst something for me and she is for it… X.x;; okie i have to admit it is pretty weird and funny that this would happen… After things seemed to be fine about the situation (we were fighting about this for a couple months but when the time drew closer it seemed to get a bit worse..) I started noticing little things here and there, like my mother buying little party things and stuff, I left it alone and tried to pretend i didn’t notice but she really wouldent let up…The thing that really got me was that I recently found out that my mother stole my phone book, My OLD phone book that contains phone numbers from old friends… Which isn’t exactly good for the fact that some of those friends i don’t even talk to anymore because they decided it was funner to Hate/dislike me than be nice and stuff to me. Well she stole my phone book and called up various people (and people were also rude to her as well… which i think is something she should think about before she decides to steal something of mine…) Few people were nice to her out of that phone book and besides… its old… people change their numbers, and so there wasn’t many people that still had those numbers… Well she got through to a few of my Really Good Friends…. which is alright, i guess…. she even had gotten some invitations and sent them to a couple of people (mainly my best friends, which is a relief since i won’t have to bother with some sort of conflict between me and people who don’t like to recieve things from me >.>;; )
The only thing that makes me wonder is how she was able to get all that stuff and hide it from me for a bit…. hmmm must have been those times she stood out late and frequently left the house visiting my grandmother… Ah well..

I must fix up a few things here and there and do a few good deads for various reasons ^.^ but i cant tell you anything about this stuff because yeah… im just a big mystery XD!! ook that was a bit weird and crazy, but hey thats why you all just looooooveee me so much nyo? XD! ^.^! okie…Time for me to go ^.^! Sayonara Minna-san!

Posted 7/29/2003 2:05 AM


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