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Lair of Memories – Archived Post August 27, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Wednesday, August 27, 2003
*~Time for a change…~*

I decided to change my Xanga a bit, i like this song ^.^! and i like the new BG i put up… ah, i have my way in finding things…. Kairi always asks me where i find all this stuff from, in truth i just come across everything unexpectedly… Ah, also this new theme is supposed to be getting ready for Fall/Winter, i may have a new BG and song for winter but for now this is what its gonna be…. ^.^! I am quite happy at the moment for i have found what i have been looking for, for months…. Ah, lost and then found… In truth i had been feeling as though something very importaint was missing from my life for a while… I believe it was ever since like March… i cant really remember well… errm lately i have been having a bad memory… -.-;;; it upsets me a bit since i always had such a good memory and i never had any problems at all with remembering anything recent or from the past… But anyways, if i forgot something and you remember, please remind me @.@;;; all i need is to forget more.. I practically remember the basic things i need to know… hmm i still have not put my post on my birthday have i? well i shall explain that briefly since i lost my last post x.x;;; i am still afraid of loosing a long post again… therefore i shall try to keep it simple and clean ^.^;;; ah, well let me see here… shall we begin?

*~Birthday, Real birthday and the Party..~*

Well August 4th was my birthday if you didnt know already… That day… well.. First of all my best friend called me to tell me she was visiting me on my birthday and spending the day with me rather than comming to my birthday party since her Aunt made her go to some church retreat the weekend of my birthday (which happend to be on Saturday the 9th) Well she called and told me when she was heading over to my house to visit… Errmm my birthday wasnt so nice in that in-between time, let me explain… My dad had already planned to buy me several things i had been asking for Such as, My Sword (yes i have a sword ^.^;; lol and ima whack N Hack things wit it! XD!!), My Digital Camera, and my Cell Phone… We had been traveling around to find the best deals on the Cell Phone and Digital Camera while i already made payments on my Sword, my dad just paid it off… My dad also took me out to breakfast at a resturant i had not been to for a while (my mother came as well) Errm there was a bit of arguing on the way to the different places we went to since my parents really dont get along… and all i wanted was some peace on my birthday i couldent even get that… x.x;;; that is like so sad anyways… Well moving on… After breakfast we purchased the items i mentioned (since we looked first) Once that was over i just had to wait for my friends phone call, Since it was getting very close to the time she wished to visit me.. i kinda got a bit scared because i thought she was gonna be waiting at my house for me, and in my opinion that is very rude… x.x;; and i dont like being rude! thats for sure…. After a while my friend finally called, i thought she was gonna call when i was busy but she actually notified me at a good time, as usual ^.^;;; We had made it home before she reached my house and once we made it home my parents began fighting again… many unmentionable things i dont wish to say, but if you want to know ask me in your own time… My friend had made it and her aunt actually stayed as well…. which kinda freaked me out since my best friends aunt and my mom were getting along X.x;; now me and her know how freaky that is but i dont think many others know… ah… yes but at least she got to stay for a long amount of time compaired to the other times she stayed over for a limited time, usually about 1-2 hours, which really was not fair to me… but at least this time she got to stay about 5-7 hours with me ^.^! i guess my mom and her aunt had alot to talk about… which is also kinda scary… i didnt think they would get along.. they are the kind of type that you would expect to be lashing out at eachother… @.@:; now i wouldent want to be breaking up that fight if it ever occured… Well anyways moving on… I talked to my best friend and we watched some of the anime i had ^.^ thats pretty much all we did durring that time, she also gave me a gift, a nice purse/bag, stationary, and some baked goods (mmm mai fave, and im not telling you what it was because some people actually go out to buy this stuff for me when they know i dont want them spending money on meh -.o;;; ) Ah, after she left it was quite peaceful again… at least thats what i thought since i locked myself in my room >.>;;; that was practically my birthday right there… now i shall tell you the party…. **takes a deep breath…**


I kinda woke up late that day…Party started at around 3:30 PM and i woke up around 12 PM… not a good start on my day x.x;; plus i woke up to arguing again… -.-;; **sigh** well anyways, my dad was installing my AC in my room so me and my friends would be comfortable in my room during the party, especially since that day was pretty hot x.x;; I give my dad credit for doing something like that espcially since he wanted that AC in his room… Well by the time it was 3:00 PM i was fully ready for my party, all i had to do was wait for my guests to arrive… Hmm about…4 out of 8 people showed up at the party, and i was disapointed as usual… That also includes family… one group of my family didnt show up at all, and three friends that were invited didnt show either, besides my best friend that is… The first to arrive were my moms friend Lilla and her family… Kaila… omg she never gets on my nerves but she is 5 years old right now and at my party… that doesnt really mix well…. her brother was more well behaved and he is like only 2 i think…. I shall get to what she did in a minute… The next to arrive were my two friends Kaitlin and Jenna, those two always got along together because me and them always hung out at school, that is when i used to go to Gabrelino… Well, what happened was Kaila decided that she could rule everything at this party, so she began attacking my friends by throwing balloons at them… and errm she actually was not just annoying them but hurting them too… Kaila kind of messed up some of Jenna’s Drawings and Jenna was trying so hard to hold back her anger… Kaitlin on the other hand was being jumped on and draged around… i seriously think it was horrible… she didnt do anything to me though… at least not yet…. After this went on for a while my mom came in my room and told us that the food was ready, so we all decided to get some food and some drinks and bring it back to my room… The annoyance has just begun… Once me and my friends made it back to my room they asked me if i would play a game of mine and they would watch me as i play, i agreed and set up stuff, and obviously my games are not fit for a child to play in the first place but what happens? Kaila comes in and trys taking my controller away saying she wants to play the game too, when i told her about 5 times that its a one player game and i was gonna save it so she could play a different game that i was sure her mother would allow her to play…once i finally was able to save after almost dying because of the rough handling on my controller, i put the other game on for her, she was not amused until my friends decided they wanted to play the game as well, then she became bratty and wanted to play the game for herself. Well i hooked up the second conrtoller for her so she could play 2 player mode with my friends… she was obviously loosing and i was getting quite annoyed with it but my friends and i made a lil lie for her, saying every time someone won (which always happened to be my friends and me) it would be her winning… When my friends were “playing agenst” her she would allow them to play, but when i was “playing agenst” her she wanted my controller saying it was easier when I was playing the HARD levels and trying to make her understand that…. -.-;;; it got annoying after a while and she began to make a fit about it so i put the games away…. Thats when i decided i wanted to watch my Anime DVD’s with my friends, and they are not suitable for children that are 5 years old… so i tried to make Kaila understand that so she would leave, but that didnt make her understand.. I mean obviously her mother wouldent want her watching such anime with me and my friends, i mean dude… they cuss.. and they fight, and stuff like that X.x;; geez i dont wanna get blamed for anything and Kaila comes out with “Oh but my mom would let me i know she would…” When i know darn well her mom wouldent let her watch Anime period since its not ment for children anyways!! I mean come on a 5 year old watching Chobits…??? or how about Hand Maid May??? im sure they are gonna have alot of questions… and i dont wanna answer them….-.o;;;;; Hmm well it got to the point where she wouldent leave and she began spinning around on my computer chair… causing her to knock over my soda, which i WANTED to drink still… the soda spilled on my desk and went under my monitor and everything….. @.@;;; Children like her are so careless… and to tell you the truth i dont think i know any other 5 year old child that is as careless as her… i mean i like her but shes become quite annoying and to me i think she needs to be house broken big time X.x;; i told her to leave my things alone in a nice way multiple times and she could have hurt herself and broke my glass stuff or banged her head on something since my room is a bit small… **sigh** but does she listen to me?… no… -.o;;; But after she spilled my soda she left my room finally…and me and my friends were able to watch my Anime DVD’s… untill my mom came in my room about 10 minutes later telling us to go outside -.-;;;; Ah, outside was just the guests and music was playing and regular party stuff blah blah blah… Sang Happy Birthday to me and cut the cake and stuff **sighs** after about a hours worth of staying outside i went back inside because People were asking me about my presents… So i was gonna open them, when i went inside there was Kaila again, bugging me, and this time she wanted to open my presents for me… i obviously had no power to stop her since all the adults and everyone was there watching…… they thought it was cute that she was rushing me when i thought it was rude…. **sighs** she grabbed my presents and opened them herself throwing the random objects within the wrappings at me that didnt interest her…. Weeellll they arent suppost to interest a 5 year old if its presents for a 16 year old -.-;;; i had gotten a nice stationary set and stuff from my Aunt, and from my moms friend i got candles and a new photo album which i love ^.^! my grandmother gave me jewlery and expensive perfume -.o;;;;; the word expensive gets to me…..my other aunt gave me money, my friend Kaitlin is sending me my present now (she asked me if i wanted a game for my birthday and stuff she said she was gonna send it to me after) and my friend Jenna gave me money as well ^.^;; she also finished the nice picture she was drawing for me and made me a card as well. ^.^! it was so pretty too. Well after that event most of the people began going home, my friends stayed after all the other guests left. We began watching my Anime DVD’s again and in peace as well… we were still a bit Hungry since we hardly ate much durring the party so i made some soup for all of us ^.^;;; My friends had went home about 12 AM and i decided to clean my room a bit before i went to bed, talked to a few people online and then i slept, yep that was my party day… doesnt it seem like the annoyances wouldent end? Well thats what i thought…

*~Back to reality, from my Dreams..~*

Well thats the story from my birthday… after that a bunch of other stuff happened but if you want to know that you will also have to ask me on your own time ^.^;; i dont really like explaining too much of the bad things that happen in my life… ^.^ Also… school is starting in about a week for me… X.x;; which is like evil…. School… is one thing that i can live with out… just hate it alot.. too many bad things happen there and i end up learning nothing by the end of the year… its like a waste of time -.o;;;; oh well.. i still need to go so i can graduate… **sigh**  ^.^;;; Nyo, let me see have i taken any new quizzes?


(females)what is one of your past lives? (results contain pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Dunno, how could i be a Demon in a past life? uhmm oh well…


What is your reason for suicide?(with images)
brought to you by Quizilla

Okie.. i admit that i am lonely alot of the time….**sigh** i truely cant help it though…..


What is your anime occupation? (pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

And i get a Preistess again! ^.^;;; Ah, thats not so bad anyways…


What is your strong point?(pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm, i thought i had more strong points… eeheh thats one of them.. i have more >.>;;;

Suicidal Bitch. You are often alone. But sometimes you like it that way. It's your way of protecting yourself from getting hurt. STOP THAT! You are giving yourself unneeded pain and grief
SUICIDAL BITCH You are a depressed child. You need some laughter in your life. Why, you ask? Cause that frown don’t look good on you, hun!
(results contain pictures) What type of bitch are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Was bored when i took this quiz.. lol look im a suicidal bitch… X.x;;; im suicidal again!!
and yesh… i know i am a depressed child… **sigh** im always depressed… make me happy sometime… please?

depressed eyes

What kind of anime eyes do you have? (picture results)
brought to you by Quizilla

Obviously if i am depressed i should have depressed eyes, nyo? makes sence….

waste time

Are you wasting your time?(pics)
brought to you by Quizilla



What anime genre is your life?(pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Yes, i agree with this, and many people i know would agree with this as well… I have a pretty dramatic life as it is… i already heard someone say to me that it could be like a shoujo >.>;;; nyeh… strange… oh well…

*~The beginning of the end..~*

Ah yes, its about that time where i need to leave and i make you wait for me to write another long post for you to spend hours reading so you can understand! Ah, really i just need to go to sleep… thats all ^.^;;;; okie then, Oyasuminasai Minna-san!! Sayonara!! **she disapears in a small flash of light**

Posted 8/27/2003 4:19 AM


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