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Lair of Memories – Archived Post September 23, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Tuesday, September 23, 2003
*~Thoughts In This Troubled Mind~*Well I guess I should post about what exactly has been going on this month, as you all know I have been at school so it really is not in my schedule to post a lot, maybe once or twice a month until I have a vacation. As usual I have my quizies to post at the end of this entrée as well >.>;; how did a acento get on that “e”?… oh well… anyways… moving on to what has happened…

-September, 2003-
Well in the beginning of September I had gotten ready for school, and as many know me I was thinking it was gonna be a good year this year, heh what a joke…. As always the beginning starts out fine until it meets kind of like the few days after having school… Alright well it was much worse than I thought It was really going to be. I will put how I felt in each class in the first few days of school then get onto the details about how it got worse in the later weeks of school, especially since it has only been about… a month of school? So that’s about 4 weeks, no? Well this was how my schedule was before I changed it recently…1|English 3 (not a bad class but the teacher is a bit… ermm I will explain later…)
2|(the real class name was too long so lets just say it’s a form of PE)
3|Algebra (stupid evil class…)
4|Geology (Boring… that’s all I need to say…)
5|Computer Graphics (this was the original choice I made but I changed it because it was WAY too easy.. I mean the people didn’t know how to open a program or even draw and make circles…. I am way more advanced than that…. My counselor said that I should take a college class >.>;; that says a lot.. )
6| US History (err… well it’s not really a bad class… hmm quite easy if you asked me…)

Okie so this was the original schedule I got. Now I will say how these classes really were…

*In English class it wasn’t really that boring because the teacher was actually quite funny and nice, we all thought that at least. He actually seems more like one of those teachers that want to be young again because they just cant stand being old or even thought of being old. The teacher actually looked quite young as well so no one would actually think of him old. What I didn’t like about him was that I was his first Joke Victim…. -.-;;; I don’t like being the victim of anything…. Now I have to practically sit in the front and take all his stupid idiotic jokes and just ignore them or something, I seem to get the attention but when I volunteer for something he ignores me… -.-;;; well that’s practically all about my English class, moving on to the next class…

*PE, well I hate PE to begin with… I feel that since I am a junior, I shouldn’t have to take freaking PE all over again… Just because the idiots at my new school cant find my freaking records from my old school and add the stupid credits to my records at my new school and count them for my classes doesn’t mean I should take Freaking PE for a third year!! I mean I have to just take it for two years… and this is the third… I WANT A FREAKING BREAK…… I mean geez at least give me some other stupid class that counts for PE, anything but PE itself… my god… I hate these freaking idiots at my new school, they haven’t done a damn thing to help me and fix my records so I can be a full junior, and I find the fact that they reclassify you very very stupid!!! I mean what kind of idiot would want to run a school where they reclassify their students??? There is no way in hell I am going to take another freaking year or two of HS just because the idiots wont fix my freaking records!!!!!!! **sigh…** -.-;;;;; I hope they all die or something… my god… if they don’t know how to do their own job, why are they even there?!?! Nyo… moving on to the next class…

*Algebra, eh? This stupidly easy class… geez wont they give me a challenge already??? -.-;;; I feel like a damn idiot to be in this freaking class…. And once again I blame the stupid advisors of this school for not counting my freaking credits… [at the advisor people at my new school] -.o;;; you stupid idiots….How dare you mess with my credits and records, I’m gonna graduate next year whether you like it or not, and if you say otherwise I’m gonna mutilate your bodies with my sword and throw your remaining pieces to the rabid dogs down the freaking street!! What do you think of that you freaking morons?!?!? [Ah, I feel better saying that ^.^!] Besides all that there is this stupid lil kid that sits next to me, keeps staring… must burn child… evil… **shudders** I don’t care if he claims to have a g/f I don’t believe him -.o;; that lil idiot cant fool me, I have seen and heard many things in my life and that is one thing I shall not be fooled by, especially with that stupid face he keeps making… well im glad Mari wants to kill him, good for her and good for him, he finally gets to go home where he belongs -.-;; geez stupid annoying children…. Next class…

*Geology… now that’s a very freaky class, especially since the teacher likes to complain about his life each day… -.o;; I mean I have enough problems and I am burdened with this idiots complaining… I mean really, how many of you like it when a teacher complains about the most stupidest things… Like how the door hasn’t been fixed in a year? Or about how their phone doesn’t work and they want their original number and can’t have it? Oh or how about the fact that they were forced to change classrooms with another teacher and they can’t take their things with them? It is so boring and gets on my nerves… but that’s not the only bad thing in that class… there are several people in that class that scare me as well, and they are drug attics… They are freaky and I believe one likes me or something X.x;; and he’s older than me… and that’s even worse… I heard he rapes the girls he likes, so I am not amused nor is it appealing… besides I would not be stupid enough to fall into such a trap. Anyways, other than those bad things this class is pretty easy even though I missed the first test which is like 40% of my grade -.-;;; I was absent what can I say? I think I cant retake tests in this class which is so stupid…. Moving on…

*Computer Graphics… my god this class was BORING! I cant believe I actually thought I would learn something more than I already know… -.-;; people who cant make circles… I thought that was learned in kindergarten -.o;;; Well anyways I changed that class because it was so below my ability.. I need to take college classes to get an actual challenge -.-;;; this is pathetic… ah well new class I took is Choir, like always ^.^;; ooh I love to sing!

**Choir, well that’s not a bad class at all.. we sing… watch movies… and listen to the radio and do nothing for the hour. It seems more like a break to me ^.^;; exactly what I need after a hard day of school with those evil morons I have to put up with.. -.-;;; Hmm well I’m glad I changed that class (computer graphics) for this one ^.^! next class.. (and the last one)

*US history… hmm well its pretty easy for me ^.^;; the class earns points and you get to turn in drawings and stuff… mainly not a lot of work at all, good thing for me since I don’t like having a hard class last period x.x;; it really kills me when I do… ah but I haven’t had a hard class as last period for years! So I am happy about that! The teacher is kinda funny and he tries to fit into the crowd.. or more like our crowd and hes like… umm 60 something? I dunno x.x;;

Hmm well that’s a brief summery of each class ^.^;; now I shall get on with my day.. hmm or rather night.. or something like that! X.x;; hmm as everyone (or most people) knows, I have crazy friends ^.^;; todays crazy friend spot light goes to my friend Mari for making a new funny song and she’s gonna sing it to Bill, the senior in my geology class that likes me…(I find it funny that his real name is “William Gay” XD) The song is based on the Original song “Buddy Holly” and has some of our teachers names in it (the Mr. Weezer part was a accident, our teachers real name is Mr. Weaver but Mari said Weezer ^.^;; ) Here is a part of the song ^.^;; [the “…” is skipping through the song]

“What are you doing dissing my Hope, she doesn’t care about you…Woo whooo and she ain’t yours, Woo Whooo and you know you aren’t hers! Laaa laa wee doo doo!… Weeooh I look just like Mr. Weezer, Oh Oh and Mr. Burgess too! She don’t care what you say about her anyways, she don’t care about swipe!”

Lol… she was singing that for like ever today… Ah, but then again, aren’t we all weird sometimes? ^.^;; I know I am… Other than that I have been singing “Tainted Love” all day today X.x;;… ah its just stuck in my head **continues singing it now** >.>;;; annnyywayyyss…. Moving on to the quizies I took ^.^!

I know about Raganrok. I know who will die and who will live but I can't tell you. I will never tell you. And that's the way it is.
First and only priority: Keeping the rules.
Take the male version of this quiz or you can visit
Ellie @ buriedwings.wollipop.net

Which female character from Ragnarok are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

hmm this one doesn’t bother me much besides lol most of the quizzes I do are accurate! Which is scary >.>;;

Lucifer: Angel of the starlight, you are often
confused with being evil in your quiet
contemplations… Underneath it all you are
actually the most beautiful angel of all, and
God likes u more… the others are just
jealous. What do they know anyways.

Which Angel Lays Within You?
brought to you by Quizilla

woo… lookie that >.>;;; lol… and all my life I was told people were jealous of meh… ah I wont get started ^.^;;;

you are yue
You are like Yue serious and tough you have an
alter ego; deep down you are very nice and care
for others however you *may* think it’s only
weak to show that side to others! don’t worry
not everyone is bad ^_^

Which Card Captor Sakura guardian are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yue!!! I like Yue! I had a feeling I was gonna get him too >.>;;; lol scary…

*~The Rising of the End~*

Hmm, well one thing I didn’t mention was that the stupid people in each of my classes are getting worse… or more stupider in other words… for instance, in my Algebra class, the lil Freshman.. his name is Randy…. -.-;;; hes making my best friend Randy look bad… (AkA Icy) Randy!! Your name has been tainted with stupidity from the freshman!! X.x;; Gomennasai! I feel bad about that! Nyo I swear his name should be Dandy or something because Candy is another one of my friends -.-;; lol what if his name was Mandy? Or how about Pandy? Hehe some people call him Wandy! XD… ah okie enough of that…
Well lately I haven’t been really feeling like myself -.-;; I have been sad and depressed but many don’t really know why, sometimes I don’t even know why I feel this way… but I guess I really do need time to myself. But I do thank all of you who cheered me up like, Hiro, Kairi, Kin, AznDemonLord (AkA “Griever”), Imoto Cassie, Ebe-Oppa, and like always, Keoki-Chan (James) I thank you all! Nyo I just love you all so much ^.^! >.>;; weird people, don’t get any ideas or weird thoughts… -.-;;; nyo well its about that time again! Time for me to leave! T.T;; **sniffles** I miss you all **waves and wishes she could huggle you all** Sayonara Minna-San! Oyasuminasai! **with a few tears left behind she disappears within the thin air and the sparkles of her tears are left as her image fades…**

Posted 9/23/2003 9:37 PM


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