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Lair of Memories – Archived Post December 28, 2003

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Sunday, December 28, 2003
*~ Comming Back Into Play~*Konnichiwa nyo! ^.^ lately i have been a bit busy and i havent had time to actually do much. My christmas was ok and i got several presents, i am just happy that the gifts i gave made my friends eyes sparkle. Thats the best gift of all ^.^ I havent had much time to talk to anyone but i try my best. The new year is comming i wonder what it has in store for all of us, well what ever it is i hope that it brings goodness and light to all of you, happiness and love… Dont forget me! Always remember the good times we all had, I will always remember all the good and bad things that happened in our pasts, the years that have gone by have not shattered into nothing, just building so we could have new futures ^.^ … Moving on, not much to explain about my Winter Vacation unless you would like to hear of arguments among my family and stuff o.o;;… nyeh, makes me sad… u.u;;….

*~Missing Me Is Sweet, But Is It True?..~*

This might be one of the most shortest Entrees i ever made O.o;;… i usually type alot and have quizes at the end, but this time i dont -.-;; … Wondering if many things are true is hard, keeping my hopes up knowing if i really am or am not ignored is tireing and depressing, i can see and feel the happiness of my friends and it makes me glad to see they are enjoying themselves. I really hope they are Truely Happy, For right now i am not because of all the hell i am going through, it feels like i wont even last much longer and i may disapear, Happiness is disapearing in my household and turning into resentment and hatered…. Everyone lost respect of one another and are going crazy because of it, i see people trying to help but i am sorry that its not seemingly working well enough… I guess i need to go through all this for a reason, and i am truely sorry that i havent been able to contact many people at all, if everyone still cares and remembers me (sad i know it is, but some of the people i used to talk to now fall into that catagory) please try to attempt to talk to me… anything.. please… e-mail, IM, Phone Call (if you have my number that is) anything… i dont want to be left alone again… im scared…..

Posted 12/28/2003 8:54 PM


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