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Lair of Memories – Archived Post April 14, 2004

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
*~A New Day Brings a New Dawn..~*
Well it has been quite a long while since i have said anything Nyeh? ^.^;; i guess you can say i am kind of silent, this post wont be as long as my others, at least i think it wont be ^.^;; Anyways, I am just kind of focused on everything thats going on right now, nothing too bad at all ^.^ Just trying to finish my minor school work and have a nice vacation relaxing for once o.o;; but i think i may get a laptop so i can bring it along on my vacation and have all my bookmarks of websites i like ^.^;;… ah i must at least try to say something here once in a while, ne? ^.^;; Well, i do like being around my friend “Airce” (i will keep her real name secret) She helps me alot even though she is a bit older than me ^.^ , in truth i think that she is really a good friend to have, just like all of my older friends, my Best friend, in which i wish i could talk to everyday again x.x;; but unfortunatly they are either busy or have moved on, which i dont really know for a fact u.u;;… But getting away from the sadistic torture for a bit, on the bright side i am quite cheerful. I dont know why i am, but i guess thats a good thing, ne? Hopefully things will get better for not only me but also my good friends ^.^ ….

*~A Little Help Goes A Long Way…~*

As much as it is, i am very stuborn and i know alot of you were trying to help me, though sometimes the way some people help is kind of a wrong way to aproach it.. **sigh** though thats alright, i apreciate the help though **nods** its nothing that bad, actually nothing bad at all, i just wish that some of my older friends came to see me once in a while to just ask how is everything. But i guess if they dont have the time to or they just cant, then that is fine. Some how i will live without the great advice of my older trusting friends, though it will be hard…

*~Just Plain Nonsense I Guess?…~*

Hmm on a nonsense note, I havent been up to much myself, other than like i said dealing with my school work. Other than that im usually on the internet or drawing or spending time with my friend Jennifer E. In which she is wanting to come over again sometime this week, and now that i think about it i forgot today is wed. O.o;; i have to call her soon because she probably forgot again ^.^;;… Ah but i still enjoy being around her even though shes a bit forgetful. Ah, wondering what is going on with my old friend Cassie too, missing the talks we used to have, and wanting to visit her just to see how she is. Though i dont want to step in the unknown and i hope she comes in contact with me soon before i go on my vacation… For once i get to go on a actual vacation out of this state, i am looking forward to seeing new things or more so, places i havent seen or visited before. ^.^ Im sure it will be fun…

*~There Comes A Time In Which Everyone Has To Leave…~*

Ah, After saying a little something, it is about time i went to sleep, or at least lay down and read or something x.x;;… but anyways.. I wish you all a good night and a good morning. I shall be on my way now, Ja Ne Minna-San..

Currently Reading: Di Gi Charat, Vol. 2
Posted 4/14/2004 10:42 PM


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