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Lair of Memories – Archived Post May 22, 2004

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Saturday, May 22, 2004
*~Wonderous Mysteries Within The Mind~*I thought it would be interesting to put a dream i had hehe, ehehe i wanted to remember it and figure it out so it will be kind of easy access ^.^;;

*~Hope’s Weird Dream~*I believe it all started in a random place in my memories like most of my dreams usually do, If i can remember correctly it was in the old city i lived in, San Gabriel. It was strange because i was basically going to many different places but i was always near my old house. This time, the aura around my city was a bad one, and i myself was trying to be careful where i went but no matter where i turned i went into an area i didnt recognize, and that was always when i knew where to go. I believe i knew i was dreaming so it seemed like i was in a virtual world within my mind, i figured that out quite soon so it confused the people in my dream when they tried to convince me it was reality. Somehow i ended up at my school and it didnt seem right, at least it didnt seem familiar, since it was combined with my older school, Which can be very confusing o.o;; I found myself walking down the halls and ended up in the Lunch Room. There were many people there, it looked as though they were trying to get schedules of their classes, and a random person came up to me saying “Oh, you must be Hope, Here this is yours, you will need it” and walked off. What puzzled me was i didnt know them or ever saw them before and yet, they knew my name. Eh, that happened to me before but it isnt exactly pleasant. Well i looked at the schedule as i walked toward the large glass doors to get to the hall, just then i saw my old best friend Nina and waved to her. She too was surprised to see me and we walked down the halls together talking about random things as we always did. She asked me of my classes and i said i wasnt sure why i got classes myself when i wasnt even supposed to be in school. She blinked at me and told me she was confused as well since she was suppose to be at our older school (the one i went to before the current one) I told her i guess its ok just as long as we can stick together since i know where to go. Most of everything was different but seemed so familiar and i had a sense of where to turn. As we both stopped at this table, several people asked her questions and the bell just had rang. I happened to lose my Schedule and stuff so i had to back track, really who would want another persons schedule? Well i didnt find it and nina said she had to go before the last bell rang, so i said she could and i would continue to search. When it was almost reaching second period i gave up and tried to remember anything about the classes, but i couldent. So i just wandered around the school aimlessly and tried to hide from passing teachers which seemed as though they were guarding the schools exits. Though, its nothing i havent seen before, it just seems like they were guarding a little too much. I didnt really have any way to escape since the gates were alot higher than normal and werent the kind of gates that is easy to escape from, i knew i didnt belong here so i just had to find a way out.. somehow. After wandering for a unknown amount of time, the bell had rung and it was lunch time. I was still in hiding keeping a careful eye on the exits, it just didnt feel right here and everyone seemed different. When i finally saw that no one was around, i walked out of the school, when i looked behind me, the school wasnt lively.. as if it hasnt been lively for a long long time. Thinking about this for a while i couldent figure it out so i continued on, something was bringing me to to a certain direction. When i went down the street that didnt seem familiar at all, i ended up on the street of my old house and i gave a sigh of relief as i ran to it. Before i made it to my house i walked to my old neighbors house, knowing she wouldent be there i still went to look and remember. Suddenly the door opened and a person i never saw came out and lead me in. When i went inside it looked very different and larger than it seemed. More people apeared at stared at me, i asked “Um.. who are you..? and why do you want me here?” they didnt reply but lead me somewhere else. I, myself, wanted to get out of here and go see my old house, so i ran. I ran out the back sliding door as i remembered being there. Once i got out i blocked the door so they couldent get out but they just broke the glass. As i stood there blinking at the thought that they really wanted me, i started running again but this time down a secret path way behind all the houses, like i always did (yes that path way really was there and i did go down it when i was younger ^^;;.) I finally made it out of there and went to the front of my house and someone came out of the house next to mine. I was unsure who it was but she had a bicycle and seemed angry for some reason. I asked her a couple questions and she just smirked and rode her bike to my garage. I followed after her and noticed it was opened, i went inside and no cars were present just some of the old things i remember being in there, and my bicycle. So i grabbed my bicycle and went after her, she seemed to like that and take it as a challenge, what kind of challenge? i will never know, i just followed. She went across the street where this rather large family used to live, and believe me.. they were not pleasant. The strange thing about it was there was a guard dog there and no children running around like what i remembered. The front door was opened and a older man was sitting in a chair watching TV i believe and the girl i was following went into this persons back yard and somehow passed the guard dog. I was surprised and tried going back there because i thought she had gotten hurt, but the dog came after me and pushed me off my bicycle. As i fell it got a hold of my hand, almost crushing it within its jaws. I could feel the pain and just wanted to get out of this “virtual dream” ah, but as usual i cant wake up. Suddenly a cat came running and attacked the dog, messing it up pretty badly and it ran off. I looked at the cat and said thanks then it replied to me saying “Next time be careful, this is a bad place to linger” I blinked and looked at it with wonder. It said “Eh, sorry, i am that girl you saw, for some reason i cannot talk when i am human, but i can when i am a cat.. so dont worry” she made a strange face and continued, “Come with me, i believe you wish to enter your old house, am i right?” i nodded and followed as she ran off to my front door. As the door opened there were few things i recognized and i noticed there were so many phones lined up in a row, some had messages on them, and they were all the same phone. When i looked around everything seemed remodeled and new, but usually it isnt like that. I said aloud “How strange… usually when i am dreaming and see this house, everything is old and broken down.. but now, its like brand new and remodeled..” the girl/cat said, “What are you talking about? This is reality, not a dream… did you not feel that pain? its not quite normal for people to feel pain in dreams..” I replied,”But thats not true, i always feel things in my dreams, you cannot prove otherwise, that is unless you have a good reason..” She said,”Now wouldent that be hard.. how are you so sure this isnt reality? well that is… other than the fact that i can talk, You are aware only you can hear me right? its telepathy..” i replied once more with confidence,”Well of course this is a dream, yes telepathy can be a possiblity, but i knew i would never see my friends again, they live so far away.. Of course i would love it if i could see them again, and it does make me happy but that cant be true. The ultimate thing that makes this a dream is that.. This house does not exist anymore, i would never forget that. It was torn down after we moved out because they wanted to put more apartments.. Can you prove me otherwise?” She looked shocked and thought about it for a while as i walked around. The kitchen was so new i hardly recognized it, there was a new wash room, and my rooms door was different. Even my old room was remodeled and the closet was moved so the room could be extended. The funny thing was that the back room was still similar to what i remembered it, its just the ceiling fan was replaced with a beatiful crystal ornament with a light within it so when the light turned on the crystal would shine off a rainbow of colors and a very bright light. the back door was replaced with a nice glass door with lace curtains. The young girl/cat came up to me and said,”I..i guess you are right, there isnt anything i can counter to convince you otherwise. I guess i myself wish that dreams were a reality that i was deceived.. We should go back to reality.. I thank you for making me realize that. But now i must return to my own life” she nodded and began to disapear. I said right before she was completely gone,”Ah! dont forget me!!! I enjoyed this dream, i finally got to see something different and more positive.. I hope your life becomes more enjoyable than a dream itself.. Fairwell!” she left with a tear and nodded once then she was completely gone. Everything seemed to be changing a bit so i walked out the back door and saw a very familiar pathway. The same pathway i always happen to see at the end of most of my dreams, but this time it was a bit lit up rather dark. The new pathway blocked with a large red gate with a grand lock on it. The path behind the gate was a bit lit up instead of pure darkness, and the fence on the sides of the gate were made of a shimmering metal rather old eaten up wood. But as usual i cannot enter this pathway, for it seems i would need help to enter. But i will always remember seeing this difference, it enlightened me and gave me happiness. As i turned to look behind me, i myself began to disapear so i closed my eyes. And then… thats when i woke up x.x;;.. such an interesting dream i would like to remember.

*~Thoughts That Linger~*I could have added more details here and there in the school part but eh.. that wasnt the important part anyways, and besides i dont think anyone wants to hear about school XP especially me o.o;; hmm though.. still makes me wonder ^.^;;

Posted 5/22/2004 9:09 PM
Saturday, May 01, 2004
random… o.o;;

My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life’s not fair! It’s never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something’s gotta change. And it’s gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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but..but… i AM 16 X.x;; lol.. i guess that means im acting my age ^.^;;

You have a guardian angel no doubt about it. Even
though you haven’t exactly seen him, he’s
watching over you without-a-doubt.. who knows..
maybe it’s love?

would an angel, demon, or pure evil fall for you? (now w/ pics!)
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o.o woo! that quiz was confusing ^.^;;

You are an Angel of Choir! The ninth and final
order of angels according to the organization
of the celestial hierarchy as created by the
sixth-century theologian Dionysius the
Areopagite; the angels belong to the third and
final triad of choirs, with the archangels and
principalities, the primary focus of their
existence being the caretakership of humanity
and the world. While the lowest rank of all
angelic beings-if one accepts the idea of a
regulated angelic organization-angels are
nevertheless members of the heavenly host and
thus possess the profound and beautiful
attributes given to them by their Creator. They
are beings of pure spirituality and exist to
fulfill the tasks given to them by God. Chief
among these are to act as messengers of the
Lord to the Earth and guardians of the human

What Kind of Angel Are You? (Girls Only!)
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*blinks* interesting ^.^;;

Suicide! (and you know it, so… dont u have
something to do?)

Choose your Dramatic Death (Now w/pics!!)
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O.o;;;… whaaaattt dont look at me like that x.x;;…

Congrats! Your a Pure Angel! Angels, as far as most
of them go, are all compatabile creatures, but
Pure ones simply are symbols of God. Pure
Angels always appear when a child is born, when
a rainbow is seen, or when someone shares their
first kiss. They never grow old, an can appear
in the shape of a naked woman with white, bold
wings. Pure angels are the carriers of god, and
show their love to everyone in the world.

What Kind of ANGEL are you? (For Girls only) This Quiz has amazingly Beautiful Pictures!
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ah, a nice picture ^.^;;

You have an animal soul! Arent you lucky! You are
very interactive with animals and can
understand them even if you dont speak their
tongue. The birds arent afraid of you, deer can
eat out of your palm, and every dog will roll
over for you. As an Animal Soul, you follow
your instinct, sometimes making rash decisions,
and not thinking properly. If you dont
understand something, you reject and push it
away, and can get very disastrous when angry.
At the same time, youre a very kind person who
can make people feel better, and are
understanding and compassionate. One of the
great things about you is that your rarely
jealous, and know that you have to share and
help other people if you want to survive this
world. You are very loyal and optimistic, and
can make it through the toughest times.

What Kind of SOUL do you posses? (For Girls only) Incredible Anime Pictures!
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Woo, i love animals ^.^;;

okie thats it for now >.>;;

Posted 5/1/2004 6:26 AM


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