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Lair of Memories – Archived Post August 25, 2004

Posted by Hope~Sama in Entertainment Room, Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Wednesday, June 09, 2004
*~Time Just Keeps Passing By..~*lol you guys know how much i love taking quizes ^^;; bare with meh!You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You’re the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you’re rare or that you cheated :P You’re
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend’s friends and be silly. You don’t
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You’re just happy
being around your boyfriend.What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by QuizillaMwee! o.o; lol… <.<;;;
Chocolate Pocky! You’re pretty normal actually.
Pretty blah, but still tasty, and you know how
to have a good time, even if those snobs out
there ARE riding around in their ferraris going
115 mph, chomping on those perverted banana
pocky.What Kind of Pocky are You?
brought to you by QuizillaMwee i love pocky xD… mm chocolate… >.>;;; ,(This picture makes my page scroll soo i finally decided to edit xD…)
You’re Element is Light. You are friendly, happy,
social, bubbly, and can brighten up any one’s
day. You are very kind and a real people person
because you have several friends (or atleast
should). You’re cheery nature makes you lovable
and your stunning looks are sweet and stand
out.What’s Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
brought to you by Quizilla

I always get light xP lol…

The day you went back to your house was the day you
made you final decision.. the on you want to be
with.. And you chose Ih’Kuaren. Although you
let Kirune-ra and Haiiro down, you still
remained close friends. Haiiro was recently
dubbed King og Hell (Satan was re-elected) and
is having a great time. Kirune-ra is attending
your school, but for some reason, they don’t
seem to mind him being a demon.. Ih’kuaren,
however, was turned back into an angel as soon
as you were given permission by God himself to
ask to. Ih’kuaren recently became a guardian
angel, and who is it he guards? You. The two of
you couldn’t be happier.

would an angel, demon, or pure evil fall for you 10 (final chapter)
brought to you by Quizilla

Woo i loved this long story quiz it was great xD aany ways i like the result ^^!

*~Its not the end already.. is it?~*

Well im sure you all are sick of me already xP, lol i know i know, i just had to say it o.o;; well anyways, im off to sleep now ^^! gimmie some feathers and orbs here ^^;!

Posted 6/9/2004 1:03 AM
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
*~Sometimes We Come Across Something Interesting~*Well i read this story and i thought i would share it with more people, its so sad and interesting, just sparks my mind really ^^; Hm i hope you enjoy it as much as i did, onward to the story =x!Here is the main website =x!! *Clicku!**~Story Time =x~*About four years ago, when life wasn’t so hard, and friends and good times
were all that really mattered…a young girl about 14 years of age lived
her life of simplicity. Her name was Leana. She was currently with someone
totally different from her, and not to mention, a pure heart breaker and
loser. But hey, life was good, she was young, and basically that didn’t
really matter. All that mattered was that she knew what it was like to feel
for a guy at that time, and to live her life of endless happiness with her
friends and family. One afternoon, she stood on the grassy hill after
school, embracing her so called boyfriend, Jerry. And at that moment, about
10 feet away, at the flag pole, stood a boy about two years older than
Leana by the name of James. He watched her gently hug her boyfriend, and
then slowly walk away, until he could no longer see her image. He never
knew what it was like to feel for anybody, however, a strange feeling
inside took over him. Something extremely unexplainable, and so confusing.
And he thought to himself,’One day, I just gotta meet her.’

“Hey James!” a boy called out. “why do you look all dazed off en stuff?”

“Ah nothin’ Jay, lets jes go home now,” James replied.

When James had arrived to Jay’s house, they sat down for some soda, and
James had totally gotten his mind off of that strange feeling.

“Damn, I forgot to go call my homegirl man. Can you hand me the phone
James?” Jay asked as he took a sip of his soda.

“Hello? May I please speak to Leana? This is Jay,” he asked.

Jay and Leana began to conversate, until he remembered to do some
chores..so he handed the phone to James.

“Here man, can you go talk to her for awhile? I gotta do some stuff for my
dad real quick?”

“Aight cool,” said James.

“Hello! Yeah hi this is James! Who’s this?”

“Oh, this is Leana,” she replied.

After that one conversation, Leana and James began to keep in touch with
phone calls everyday. Neither one of them knew what they looked like, or so
they thought. For James was totally clueless that that one girl he watched
from the flag pole the other day, was the very girl he was laughing and
talking with everyday. It had been weeks, and then months, and Leana and
James grew close, and told one another everything imaginable. And with this
bond, they became the best of friends. Still not knowing what they looked
like in person, James decided to visit Jay again after school, which of
course so happened to be the same school as Leana. James knew for a fact
that Leana went to that school, but still didn’t know what she looked like.
Till that day after school…

As James walked onto the campus, he stood by the same flagpole, and waited
for Jay. He watched the crowd of people, chatting about, and doing their
own thing, until he spotted that one girl he had seen that one afternoon.
He was so caught up by the way she carried herself, and how different she
seemed from the other girls. She was shy, mature, quiet, and simple. None
of that make up stuff all over her face. As he admired her, something
immediately caught his attention…

“Ey Leana, wassup!” a girl called out, walking towards the girl James was

“Wassup?” she said with a grin on her face.

‘Oh my god! Could that be Leana? The girl I’ve been talking to on the phone
with?’ James said to himself. He was so surprised.

He walked up from behind Leana, and tapped her on her shoulder and quickly
turned around, pretending he didn’t do anything.

Disturbed as Leana could be said, “How rude!” And all James could do was

He couldn’t believe that that girl he was so eager to meet, was the very
girl he had been talking to for quite awhile now…Leana.

He called her that day, and told her that he saw her. Leana was so

“Oh that was you? That one guy who tapped me on the shoulder, huh?” she

Inside, Leana and James felt something so weird, every time they talked and
every time they were apart. They felt something inside when they thought of
one another. But the feelings they felt, they let it pass, and denied it to
themselves, as if it were simply nothing. They wondered about these
feelings time to time, but never really tried to figure out what it meant,
or what it was. Leana and James told one another about their lives, their
fears, problems, and little infatuations over people every now and then,
but never the kept feeling inside for one another. One rainy day, Leana
called James up crying about losing Jerry. He comforted her so much, and
she felt so much better when he did. James was always there for leana, and
he never once let her down. That’s one thing she loved about him so much.
Not to mention, they were so much like one another, always making people
laugh, and always making each other happy. Some say that these two were
exactly the same, except different names, and the opposite sex of course.
Summer came and James and Lena spent more time with one another, and
finally got to see each other in person. They met each other at Jays’ house
one day, and Leana’s heart dropped when she saw James for the first time.
She watched him play on the computer, just as he watched her that one day
after school. When it was time to go home, James gave Leana his school ID
and she said her goodbye with a warm embrace to James. They both blushed,
and that same unexplainable feeling took over the both of them. Leana knew
then what that long time feeling she had been feeling all those times was. She
was no longerin denial. She liked James. The first person she told was her
bestfriend Lae, who too knew James. She was shocked! Days later, James was
talking to Jay as he said,

“Hey Jay, I think I like Leana.”

“Really?! Wow, that’s cool.”

From that day on forward, only five people knew, Jay, Lae, Leana, James,
and god himself. And it was up to fate to lead the both of them to their
destiny. It had been a whole year, and Leana and James still didn’t want to
admit their feelings to one another. They knew what was up, but never took
the risk to admit it. Until Leana hinted him out what she felt.

“I’m suppose to tell you everything right, James?” she asked him.

“Duh! Why? You like someone huh?” he replied.

“Uh yeah..sorta,” she said.

“Who?” he asked.

“Well, he has the same background as you, about your height, your age, and
you know him very well. You see him everyday,” she hinted out.

James knew then what that meant. He felt the same, but was so afraid to
show it, because he never had a girlfriend in his whole entire life. He
knew it was him, and Leana was so relieved telling him. Day by day they
flirted every now and then and admitted their feelings in ways only they
could understand.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~On October 11, 1996, James and Leana both officially started seeing
eachother. He was the most perfect guy you could ever meet in Leana’s eyes
to be exact. He was tall, handsome, caring, loving, and had a great sense of humor.
Just everything close to being perfect in Leana’s eyes. And his eyes, his
eyes were so warm, so sexy, so…WOW! And she was everything she thought
of him to James. Everyone said that they were the most cutest, and perfect
couple. And they were both so happy with one another. Everyone even thought
they’d get married someday. He did everything for, to, and because of her,
and she surely did the same for him. Their forgiveness, love, passion, and
care were endless for one another. These two were inseparable, and in love.
He always told her,

“You’re such a big baby…you and those big brown eyes of yours, and those
cute chubby cheeks…God I love you!” and kissed her lovingly on her lips.

“I love you too babe,” she’d always reply.

Two years passed, and James of course graduated and things began to change.
They got into many fights, and Leana began to feel the hurt inside, she
never ever felt before. James told her though, that throughout all this
negativity, he still loved her.

He took her hand one day, as she cried cold painful tears, and looked her
in her eyes and said,

“No matter what, through it all, this is it…there’s no one else but you.
I will always love you, and I will always end up with you..I promise,” and
wiped her tears away as he kissed her forehead gently.

James, began to change, and emotionally hurt her daily. Her sweetest and
most perfect man was slowly disappearing into someone she never knew. He
began to stop doing things for her, he stopped making her happy, and he
stopped saying sweet things. He stopped visiting her, and stopped calling,
and always chose his friends over her.

When they argued, he’d yell at her, hang the phone up on her, and leave her
with so much pain and nothing to do but cry. It was soon passed half a
year, and things gotten worse. When she tried telling him how she felt, he
just let it pass. He started lying about many things, and became so
unfaithful to her. He began to drink, which he promised he wouldn’t, and
hung out with his friends morning, noon, and night, and never had time for
her. James did things that his old sweet self would never do before. He
left her many times at home just crying, and didn’t even bother to see if
she was okay. Basically, Leana was in love with someone who seemed to not
love her back anymore. They were together alright, but didn’t seem like it
to Leana. It hurt to much inside, but because Leana loved him so much, she
never did let him go. She took the pain, and cried endless tears, and still
loved him through it all, while he was out breaking promises, and being
someone he knew he never was before. There never passed a day when Leana
didn’t think about him, worry about the relationship, wonder why he was the
way he was, or cried about the hurt. The pain he caused her scared her
heart deeper and deeper everyday. Her family was affected, her friends, and
even school. Everybody was worried about her. No one ever saw her smile
anymore, and if she did,it was only for a while. She hardly slept, and just
everything in her life fell apart. All because that one most perfect human
being who walked into her life, and who she loved so much, hurt her in ways
that could never be fixed. James basically left her out of his time, out of
his reach, and out of his life. He acted as if she wasn’t even his girlfriend.
She did as much as she could for him, though he didn’t see it, and
sacrificed her whole life for him. She did anything to make things work,
but he didn’t do much at all. She tried so hard to figure out what the
problem was, and why he hurt her so much.

“How can God give you the most perfect gift of your whole life to love, and
take it away as if it wasn’t yours to keep?” she asked everyday.

James became meaner and meaner, and it hurt her more and more. One day he
picked her up from school, and he was so different. She looked at him
slowly. His built was bigger, his lips…no smile, his voice so monotone,
and his eyes… She looked at his eyes through the rear view mirror, and
she began to cry. His eyes were so cold now, and that love, warmth, and
sweetness she use to see no longer existed. James wasn’t James anymore.
They didn’t speak a word that car ride home, and all she could think was

‘Why? Why was it like this now?’ She came home and cried her heart out.

All that played in her head was the days he always dropped by just to see
her, just to hold her. Now, he seemed as if he didn’t even want to hold her
anymore, touch her, or look at her. She blamed herself for all of this,
didn’t know why, but it just seemed like it was her fault. She lay in bed
that night reminiscing about the nights they laid together in bed, and he
held her close to his body, and never did let go. How she use to wake up
summer mornings, and he’d be smiling and watching her sleep till she got
up. Why was everything so hard now, and why did it hurt so much? She
remembered the sweet ring of his voice constantly telling her he loved her,
while they kissed, or just stared into each others eyes. She remembered the
days when he’d stroke her hair, and laid the most simplest, sweetest,
kisses on her lips. She remembered the days when he’d run all the way to
her house just to hug her tight, and she remembered the days when just
everything between them was so perfect. She cried helpless tears, and all
hope was just gone. She knew she was still so young, but regardless what
age she was, it still hurt. She felt that endless pain that shuts your
whole life and hope down. The point was, she felt it, and she didn’t know
how to make it go away. There were times where she’d think about leaving
him, but she imagined how worse the pain would feel knowing she lived a
life without him. Just as long as she knew she was his, and he was hers
made the slightest bit of feeling okay. Her tears fell harder, and her mind
began to shut down on her. All she could think was

“God I love you James! I miss your old self so much.”

One afternoon, James picked her up from school again. They were both
walking until Leana began to cry like usual.

“Why are you crying again damn it!” James yelled.

“Nothing…” she struggled to say.

“You know what I hate about seeing you all the time, is that you always end
up crying on me for no fucking reason! What the hell am I doing wrong now?
Shit!” he yelled again.

She tried to hug him tight, yet he resisted.

“I love you James, I’m sorry,” she cried.

“Yeah, whatever,” he coldly said.

James was so frustrated, didn’t know what he was thinking, didn’t know what
he was doing. A confusion of being with her or leaving her just rushed
through his head, as they walked towards the car. Suddenly, in the midst of
it all, a loud bang alerted them both. James didn’t know what it was. He
turned around to see if Leana heard it,

“Ey did you..NOOOOOO!” he cried.

Leana had been shot on her right side, as she lay bleeding, and gasping for
air on the street by James’ car. He ran overto her as everyone crowded

“Fuckin’ call 911!” he screamed, as tears began to roll down his eyes.

“Babe are you okay?” he asked, holding her in his arms.

Leana slowly reached to touch his right cheek, as she looked himin his
eyes, and lightly smile.

“Babe, I’m so sorry if I did anything wrong to make us the way we are now”
she struggled to say.

“Leana don’t even say that, you’re going to be okay! God someone help!” he

“You hurt me a lot James, but I still continued to love you. Because no
matter what, through it all, that’s it, there’s no one else…no one else
but you,” she smiled, and coughed as she gasped for air.

She began to cry, and still the pain she felt within her heart still struck
her like always. Flashbacks of their times together rushed through her
mind, and she could hardly keep her eyes open,as her helpless body lay
strongly against James’ chest. James crying harder than ever looked down
into her eyes, hoping she wouldn’t die.

“Babe I’m so sorry for everything, God I love you! You cant leave, we’re
suppose to get married remember? Remember babe, I promised, this is it,
it’s you that I’m suppose to end up with. Babe remember?” he cried.

“I know I know,” she nodded her head slightly up and down, as her tears
began to mix with the bright red blood upon her body.

James held her tighter and closer to his body.

“God please no, don’t take her away from me..” he whispered.

Leana’s hand began to slowly drift away from his cheek, as she struggled to
keep her eyes open.

“I love you so much James, and I wish I could’ve made everything all
better. Everything I did, and every tear I cried..I did it all
for you…everything…I love you babe,” she said, “I don’t wanna go, but I
have to, and God knows I love you. We’ll be together again babe. Remember,
because you said, we will always be together. We will.” She said slowly as
one last tear rolled upon her cheek, and dropped slowly on James hand.

Her eyes closed, “I love you,” she whispered, and Leana had passed away.

“Noooo!!” James cried. “You cant go..” he rocked her back and forth, and
tried to wake her up.

“Babe? Babe? Wake up..c’mon Leana. Please please…we can work things out I
promise, c’mon babe, we’re suppose to get married babe, wake up! Babe?
Please…” he begged.

He closed his eyes and rested his head upon hers as endless tears continued
to fall.

“God I’m so sorry I didn’t take care of you babe, I’m so sorry,” he cried as
he kissed her forehead.

All James could do was cry, and hold her until the ambulance came. As they
put her on a stretch, and placed a white blanket over her head, it began to
rain. James went down on his knees and looked up into the sky and cried his heart out.

“I LOVE YOU LEANAAA!!!” he screamed.

“I love you,” he whispered one last time.

From that day on, James knew there was nothing else he could fix. His life,
his love, was no longer there. And all he could think about was her smile,
and that one day she lay in his arms dying. He will always remember her,
and will always love her…. Because this is it, it was her, that he chose to
love for life. You see, life is never forever, and things come only once.
You don’t know how long you’ll get to keep things, and you’ll never how
long you’ll get to live. But as long as you know you’ve got something in
your life you love,and cherish so much.. make the best of it. Because one
day, when you least expect it, you could lose the most important thing in
your life you set your whole future for. Take care of things while their
still small, and most of all take much care of the people you love. Because
one day, it just mightbe too late to take care of anything, or even see
them smile again. Trust me I know… some day we will be…because we
promised we would.

*~As Much As Many Wish, Nothing Lasts Forever~*Well, That story brings a tear to my eye, no litterally >.>;.. *sniffle* yeah but the last part that got me puzzled was why she got shot, i mean it came out of nowhere x.o;;;… well i think that James guy deserved it o.o;; he didnt deserve her after all that ^^;;; Annnyyyways, i wont prolong this goodbye any further xD or should i =x! ^^;;; ah well a small little thing wont hurt ^^ hmm like.. Having a mini conversation with conscience when i was tired… observe xD
Hope: meh i feel funny..
Chibi Hope: indeed, thats because you are tired
Hope: i am not.. X.x;;;
Dark Hope: dont listen to the runt, sleep is for the weak..
Hope: i dont know what to think anymore
Chibi Hope: Hey im not a runt, you shut up before i shove a kiwi down your throat!
Dark Hope: make me..
Hope: eh?…
Chibi Hope: Ugh!! T.T;;;!!
Dark Hope: Whimpy runt >.>;;!
Chibi Hope: how dare you!
Hope:.. whats going on here..X.x;;
Chibi & Dark Hope: Nothing…
Dark Hope: you know maybe she has a point you look weird, get some sleep =/
Chibi Hope: EXACTLY MY POINT! O.o;;
Dark Hope: Pipe down runt =/
Chibi Hope: omg, leave me alone!!
Dark Hope: whatever…
Hope:.. ok thats it im going to sleep…
Chibi & Dark Hope: Oyasumi ^-^! >.>;;;!
Hope: *Falls over asleep*

lol well ok then, thats all you get for today xD… O.o; Ja Ne! *Poofs*

Posted 8/25/2004 2:00 PM
*~Something Has Happened~*lol.. i just realized.. I havent posted stuff in a long long time xD omg it was about a month ago when i last posted lol… man thats great how my brain stops to think about something so simple as that cause i was too busy thinking of other things that actually are hard to notice and give me headaches >.>;… yeah anyways that was a random thought lol…
Posted 8/25/2004 2:31 PM
Sunday, August 29, 2004
*~Sometimes its fun to be a little Random~*I stole this from Gre-kuns xanga xD…

Your love is… by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is… Hope
Your kiss is… breath taking
Your hugs are… gentle
Your eyes… burn into my heart
Your touch is… the only thing I desire
Your smell is… exotic
Your smile is… encouraging
Your love is… unique
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Dark shadow. Something has drawn you into darkness
in the past, and you’re now trying to get out
of it. The darkness is already inside you, and
getting it out will be hard, but if you try,
maybe one day you can be who you want to be
again. Don’t give in!!!Please rate ^^

What kind of dark person are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Interesting, sounds like me =x….

*~Star-lit skys, Off i drift to the land of my dreams and desires~*Man im tired xD.. uhh, yeah i should sleep about now, i had to correct this sentence a couple times ._.;;; soo i should sleep. Oyasuminasai! =x Aishiteru Minna-San! xD uh yeah.. *Falls over to her floor and sleeps peacefully… kinda.. >.>;*

Posted 8/29/2004 2:29 AM


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