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Lair of Memories – Archived Post September 15, 2004

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
*~Life, is it a dream, a nightmare, or a fantasy?~*Mm.. Well then, its been a while since i posted again. Its about mid september i believe and everything is either going my way or is just plain horrible ^^;;
I mean, Stuff like this is supposed to happen right?.. Hm, maybe not >.>;;
as much as i can say i owe alot of thanks to several friends of mine, i will go down in a list. These people helped me through my rough times and told me i could succeed at anything i try and believe i can do. Yes a bit of a contribute to the main people, and i know there were others that helped me, im gonna try to list everyone i can, then we can move on to something else ^^;

Jennifer/Jenna: She helped me for years really ^^ one of my best friends that actually lives close to me. Im glad she kept my hopes up for everything and when i was sad she talked to me and helped find solutions even if she wasn’t so sure about it herself ^^; which would result in laughter. Who really wouldent want a friend to help them in their times of need? even if they are younger, it doesnt mean they cant help somehow ^^
Audery: As far as she lives and as long as we knew eachother, she too has tried to help me even though we dont talk often. She is one of the people on my “Best Friends” list and she deserves it alot, from all the pain we shared in the past to all the tears of joy we cried together when we saw eachother after 6 years. We shared alot of moments together and im grateful she still remembers and talks to me ^^ I thank her for helping me when we were younger and even helping me now when we are almost adults…
Sammy/Samantha: She too is on my best friends list, and like the last two, she stayed with me and helped me for so many years.. Even though i knew Audery for the most, i knew Sammy for the second most. When we met in 5th grade to now, she still remembers me as the same Hope, and is glad i never changed my personality ^^ Im glad shes doing well and she wishes me the best in all i am doing. Even as far as she lives, being a few states away, she still tries to keep in touch even though its hard, and i know it is ^^;; Im just glad and i hope soon when she comes back to visit, i can see that same smile on her face the same day she left.
Yami/Evan: Even though i dont really talk to him much anymore, he deserves credit for helping me too. With his care and kindness, which i doubt he would show much to any of his friends, he helped me when i was struggling. If i had any problem at all, minor or major, he always had some sort of positive solution to it. Even though he didnt make sense alot of times his solutions helped ^^;; Hehe, he was quite a crazy guy, but i still thank him ^^
Tins/Johnathan: Him, i need to thank ALOT. If it wasnt for “Tins” i would have been stuck in a very bad situation. In a way you can say he saved my life. Heh, he is quite knowledgable for his age, being 20 going on 21 this dec, Even though he can act crazy alot, he does have a serious side ^^; i need to talk to him again soon to thank him really, i hope he still uses the same s/n’s though. If i had the chance i would hug him and tell him thanks. Even now i could still use his advice and help ^^, so in a way you could say i miss talking to him. There isnt enough i could do to show how much i apreciate what he did to help me and how long he stood in the situation. Hes a true friend really ^^.. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu Johnathan-oppa
Colo-san/Evan: Heh, even though hes a new friend of mine i have to thank him alot, even in his crazy ways xP. Hes a true best friend of mine and im glad we met really ^^ Hehe, even though he seems like crazy and funny alot of the time, there are times where he too can be serious, those times he helps alot and since we think similarly we can help eachother ^^ I apreciate him being there for me alot, Thanks alot Colo, i hope we will stay friends even on in the future ^^
Hangen: And lastly, the person i need to thank the most is Hangen. If it wasnt for him, i wouldent have believed in myself. He supported me and guided me through everything. He taught me so much, and showed me how much i really mean to him. Even though it took him a while to phrase everything, i know everything he told me came from his heart. Even now he wants to help me, and he wont give up until he sees im successful, even if it means putting his own life at risk. As much as i dont want him to mess up his future, i apreciate that hes still standing by me and nothing can ever make me think differently about him and his Promises to me. I wont doubt him because i know he wont leave me, and i know that through my hard times he Wants to share my pain and sorrow, so im not alone. Nothing in this world can ever express how much im thankful to him helping and caring for me. And im so glad i met him the way i did, i regret nothing. All that pain i felt in the past is gone, i dont care about it anymore. Im just glad it all came together the way it did, “Woa Ai Ni” ^^

*~Let our thoughts be at Rest~*i think i will end this entree with one of my various poems ^^.. this one i chose, is called “Moving On” it was also published in a book ect. yeah we all know the stories >.>;;..

-Moving on-
Just because we are moving on does not mean we will part,
Because forever we will stay and always be together..
We are always in eachothers hearts.
Forever we will be, always and forever for eternity,
I send you my love and good luck to you..
I say to all good-bye and fairwell,
Just you remember me sweet and kind as well,
Always remember me forever to tell.
So, Remember this so i tell you now,
Never ask when we will see eachother or how.
Just keep in mind that im thinking of you,
..and forever, till we go, i will stay in you…

Meh dont ask, i think its pretty crappy xD then again its pretty old. mm.. i will put one more poem of mine, one of love.

-The Endless Love Story, Between you and me-
As i look out at the dreary sky,
Feeling emotions i begin to cry,
The whispering wind and the lightning dancing with the clouds,
The tears upon my face and the thunder roaring loud,
Missing your voice as soft and calming like a lullaby,
Wondering if you feel the same at the same exact time,
Looking at the hidden stars in the sky,
Shinning so bright like your mystical eyes,
Watching the rain fall gracefully and slow,
Randomly expressing things i normally wouldent show,
Dreaming and thinking telling myself “i know..”,
Wondering what i would have done without you in my life,
To see myself with you and wish with all my might,
I was ment for you and you for me,
In this crazy world im glad everything came to be,
All the torture and pain that was done,
Things that made me wish that i could run,
I dont regret any of it at all,
Because now i have someones name i can call,
Whispers and taps upon my window as the storm continues on,
Seeing myself with you and waiting for the light at dawn,
And then i remember where i am,
Feeling a bit lonely as i stand,
Watching the time go by as i think of you,
Wishing there was something that i could really do,
Standing on my own knowing you are asleep,
Sighing and watching the rain wishing this moment i could keep,
Quietly i whisper in the night,
As the rain slowly dies and goes out of sight,
Something someone cannot comprehend,
Something i wish would never end,
Wanting to be with you and only you,
Forever in the turning tables of time that speak the truth,
But do not worry my dearest i shall be there soon,
That i say as i look to the soft light of the moon shinning through,
Smiling once more and giving one last thought,
Knowing my happiness will overcome this drought,
Walking to my bed and turning off the light as the rain had died,
Wiping away the tears that i had cried,
Laying down as i close my eyes making my mind blank and anew,
Saying in my mind repeatedly “Aishiteru…”

In Closing Poem..
*~Love is like a flower, it first begins to bud then
after time passes it blooms into something so beautiful
everything just seems like an illusion,
but then we come to realize that its more than we thought it could be or seem,
Love is an emotion we have had since we were born
but true love is shown and given only to the special
and the most precious person in our lives.
The only thing that a flower fails to represent is that
“love never dies” it is just best to remember and always cherish them,
the person you love, as if our lives depended on it. That way that
special someone will feel much more special and unique than anyone
in this world, because their special someone believes and feels the
same as they do but they also show it in the most special ways that
become very dear to them, and in time, that’s all that will matter.
The love between two is strong, too strong of a bond to be broken by
an ignorant or careless person because both believe in each other and
know that nothing can or will separate them. Thoughts deep within my
mind which can translate into three simple words that can be said in
any language, I Love You.~*

Out of the other poems i wrote, this was a more recent one with more emotion and i prefer this one more than most other poems i may have writen. ^^ well i have a few that i still think are pretty good. Anyways, thats it ^^ this is the end of this entree.. *Waves, as she fades slowly in the shining light of day, leaving a shimmering outline of her body as she always does, smiling*

Posted 9/15/2004 3:25 PM


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