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Lair of Memories – Archived Post January 1, 2005

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Saturday, January 01, 2005
*~My Winter Wish~*-December 11th, 2004-
As much as i may have wanted before there are only a few things i really wanted since im quite satisfied with what i have. The top things on my list would be to go traveling, visit everyone i miss and care about and just give them my best, showing i remember them and that i care. Just enough on my mind to share, All my wishes are kinda selfless. I want everyone to be happy ^^.. thats my grand wish. Im glad im alive, that im still walking this earth. Thats all that matters after all. Through out this month i will add more to this post, Till then my one wish for now is to get as many feedback posts as i can for this one entree Until the new year ^^.. i will remember all that happened this year, the pains, the joys, the depression, the happiness… Everything. This will be my last post for the year (i will update it to current time and date each time i add something to this post, along with the orignal dates i wrote everything) this is my 14 days of christmas till the new year. ^^ Please leave a feedback with props for me, i will really apreciate it ^^! <3~ till next update..-December 17-
I had went to Disneyland with my mothers friends family this week, and it was quite fun really ^^ i was happy since i was able to take her family with us and it was their first time ever going to disneyland or any amusment park (im speaking of her children) We had a really fun time though it was very tireing, lol artificial snow, the fireworks were good too ^^ and to see their faces light up with joy (Kaila & Charlie) Was a nice feeling in my heart. Although my mother did lose about 60$ by accidently dropping it on the floor ^^;; we managed some how. (yeah things are like really expensive and stuff, we managed >.>;; ) When i got home it was about like.. 11 something i believe, and it so didnt seem like it ^^;; That day actually seemed pretty long now that i think about it xD;; mm But it was fun cause i went on the crazy rides, though i did feel like i was gonna fall out of one of them xD;; ah but still it was fun lol.

-December 24-
Well its already christmas eve! interesting xD;; i have a couple presents under the tree and gave stuff to our neighbors ^^ and they gave me things too i hope you all are enjoying your christmas too. To add to the fun i bring to you this link xD ~Clicku!~

-January 1-
Happy New Year Everyone <3~ (further writing on next newest post)

Posted 1/1/2005 1:15 AM
Saturday, January 01, 2005
*~A New Beginning, New Year~*A new year to start new events and new habits xP also to renew or start anew friendships and feelings towards family members. So many things to do within this new year full of fun, Excitment, Sadness, Horror, Comedy, Romance, and much more. No one knows what tomorrow will bring but all we can do is Hope its a good one ^^. No way to turn agenst the sadness or anger that may show, only to hope for the best onto the next day in which good things may be bestowed ^^ thats my thoughts to you and to end our old year and begin a New one. May my love and care reach out to you all and encourage you to do positive in your life ^^ *Huggles out to you all* <3~
Posted 1/1/2005 1:16 AM


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