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Lair of Memories – Archived Post January 17, 2005

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
Monday, January 17, 2005
*~The Purity Rises To Create Something New..~*Ok well i havent posted here for a while but i would like to say i FINALLY remade my personal website XP, if you wish to you can visit it here or click the little handy “Website” button. I just had to announce that XD.. And that i hope everyone is doing well right now, finals and exams and such should be happening or gonna happen soon ne? at least thats what i think, i wish you all luck ^^ <3
Posted 1/17/2005 7:29 PM
Sunday, January 23, 2005
*~Confusion Rises Beyond The Barrier..~*Meh im just a bit saddened right now or at this moment, maybe it will drift onward throughout the day too.. i dont really know.. ._.;; its not that nothing is going my way, its just that i wish certain things were a bit.. different. So much going on and so little time to actually do something about it which upsets me and saddens me all at once. Though i guess there isnt much we can do about it now is there? Mm.. i should go sleep to take it off my mind i guess, maybe? I really dont know, I mean im quite happy (or at least i should be) I guess sometimes im afraid of changes, but i also feel certain changes werent supposed to happen, that something could have been done to prevent them. But its hard to look back when you know you were looked to in the wrong when really, it wasnt your fault.. It was someone elses and the person who was taught to believe you were at fault doesnt change their views on it to even see the other side of things. I dont blame those kind of people; thats just the way they are really and there isnt much you can do because no one has the right to change someone or something for their own desire/personal prefrences or purposes. I just hope that all goes well and i dont want to bring upon some sort of chaos. But thats probably why everything happened the way it did as well. “Without chaos there would be no need for order”.. thats the way it goes. I have already realized this and its hard to accept it as well but seemingly i accept it almost easily. The chaos fire has spread its disaster and confusion, its destruction and fear, though what follows it is the path to take, the correct way to go, the learning process. Meh i just wish some of the things that happened where the chaos and drama was not needed or even called upon for didnt occur the way they did. Lots of loss and sadness along with confusion on why things happened.. Many of the things that occur unexpectedly and can be prevented happen out of jealousy or envy or hatred. Well something does need to build the presure there. I guess sometimes people get caught in the middle of a presure point and stop there confused and end up being a reason why that presure is there when they had nothing to do with it in the beginning. So hard to understand when it just happens but as time goes by it gets easier to seperate and decipher. *Sigh* well i guess that is basically my trail of thought so far, i wish you all a good morning and i will go and rest my mind for a bit more. Hopefully this thought will become lighter and less painful as it has been for my last moments of thinking of it. Thanks for listening to me and thanks for your time. After all time is precious and should be used wisely. I already learned all my lessons, i just hope all those people in my past learned theirs before its too late.. chaos spreads and the order follows, not the other way around…
Posted 1/23/2005 4:38 AM


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