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Lair of Memories – Archived Post September 15, 2006

Posted by Hope~Sama in Old Archived Posts(Xanga).
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Friday, September 15, 2006
*~ Yes if the Beginning is the End and the End is the Beginning, why am i still here? ~*Current Mood::

SOoooo… Wow its been forever hasn’t it? I’m 19 now, i’ve had this xanga for lets see how many years now? since back in 2002.. x.x;; Has alot changed you ask? yes i suppose so, But not that much.

Me and my Gaming life, I play Trickster Online as well as Ragnarok Online. teehehehee.. And yes i know i kept that a secret for who knows how long too, but i can say i’ve been playing Ragnarok for a hell of a long time, years.. As for Trickster, I started playing it once it opened in English. So i’ve got a decently leveled character (Lvl 53 Sheep) and I’m pretty happy lol. As for Ragnarok, that is left to be unknown for now xD.. Only because i like to be secretive about my RO life. (Mainly because RO is a special game to me ^^;.. )
Hrm.. i plan on getting my Sheep on Trickster to a decently high level, considering they dont wipe that is. It is a fairly new game after all. x.x;;

Moving on.. As for my personal life, that is also left to be undefined, thats my info because i feel it should be just my info for now. (Mainly because of personal reasons but hey i can tell you this part of my life isn’t so bad at all, just dont bug the hell out of me about it and all will be well)
A different part of my personal life… Yes i am in college right now, and i am doing alright. Dealing with life as i should be and of course i dont hate it (much ._.;; ).
Yes i am still into drawing and art, pretty much anything of that sort. I still draw and write poetry just probably not as much considering the time i need to devote to everything else (yes this includes friends).
And of course as time goes by you gain more new friends and you can even have old friends from the past, i can say i have both new and old but the amount of old friends i possess is a set amount.
Yes i am also still into Anime and other Asian things, It still interests me and i like to know more. Anime i still kind of watch but once again not as much, but i do get my dose here and there.
I play the Harp, or learning to at least. I have a Harp of my own now thanks to a friend of mine who surprised me with it on my birthday. I am looking into learning more about it and possibly getting good at playing, wouldent that be fun?.
I got a Laptop, then it broke, so now i am getting a new one. Was that necessary to say? No, not really but its information none the less xD;..
Yes i still like to Sing, I’ve been to so many choir classes in the past but Singing was always natrual for me ever since i was little considering i went with my mom to church and sang with the womens worship choir to practice in a fun way. (no i wasnt part of the choir of course, cause i was too little, but they let me stay and i practiced in my own way because i always loved to sing)
My cat is cute, that is all.. ^^;
My Dad still sucks, thats a pretty straight forward statement what more is there to say? Of course i can elaborate on that and say why, but im sure you can use your imagination and no he doesnt suck because hes just a lame parent he just sucks because hes a sucky human being that sucks at life >>;;.. that is all..
I haven’t assosiated with my family in what it seems to be years and i am Happy.. Yes, i am very happy.
I’m sure this list is long enough i should probably end it now Lol..
As a matter of fact, i think i will.

I guess its just one of those days, I’d end this whole post with like a quiz or two but believe me i haven’t done any in the longest of times, probably since the last time i posted one which was sometime last year maybe or even two years ago lol.
Oh well… I guess i’ll just end this with a “Nice to see you all again” and I’ll get back to playing Trickster ^^ ~

Bye for now! And until my next post~ <3

*~ Art is a beautiful thing, eh? ~*I’ve just updated the background and changed the chatbox, i’ll probably be editing a few more things too while im at it, i dont know if im gonna make this really overly spiffy but i’ll just do whatever so it looks nice again. I’ll probably edit the jukebox and add different and more reliable songs >>;; considering i host alot of things now. Buuuut still editing, and yes this also deserves a special post so i can seperate things >>;;…
*~ Welcome to Tomorrow, You must be kidding right? ~*Well yes its been a HELL of a long time, i’ll keep this here just for the moment as i make a completely new post about my Adventures.. Yes two posts IS necessary, one for announcing the other for telling >P! Gah who knows how long its been x.x;;.. oh well onward!..