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When one loses something, they shall find it again.. Right? January 19, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

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Currently Feeling..:

Just a little Tired

Something out of the back of my mind just suddenly woken me from my dreams.. i was not sure what this unknown feeling was but it urged me to look at my computer. I suppose it was beyond me that i’d even find what i did… You know? i regret taking a screenshot or two now.

As it seemed, apparently a visitor logged in on Trickster. One i least expected.. especially after all the thoughts ive been having lately. So yes he actually logged in (that shocked me as well as surprised and made me a little bit happy) i guess the happiness was short lived after he vanished so soon after he logged in. I wish he stayed on longer, really i do. It was reminding me of the old days a little.. granted i knew i couldnt have everything i wished for in a perfectly wrapped little delecate box just waiting for me to open and enjoy. Im just glad i got to see him again.. in our old environment, the place where we met.

Things seemed hard lately but that little light that shown upon me today when i saw his character log in as i laid down pondering many things of him, “What should i say? Augh i better get up now and talk to him before i lose my chance!” I thank God for letting me experience that feeling once more. And if you ever read this journal of mine, i hope you realize how important you are to me and how much you really can change my “just so-so” mood into something spectacular. So please, dont think lightly of it.

As I continue Onward

Now that ive gotten that out of my system i suppose i can speak of more things that have been on my mind. Other than the worry of what im gonna do to keep myself busy during the typical school year, i do have some good things to look forward to. Lately people have been requesting me to make them my Handmade Chocolates and other sweets. I was overwhelmed when people were praising me about this little hobby of mine and wanted more. I always loved cooking and people seem to love all of my cooking from actual meals to sweets, its encouraging to see that people want more of something that i love to do. However, with this crazy schedule ive got going.. it has proven to be difficult to produce anything. I feel a bit bad about it actually.. But this next chance i get i shall make as many of the chocolates as i can muster and then possible take a few photos of them to remember and show. It’s too bad i didnt take any good photos of the ones i made for christmas, people went crazy over them ahaha.. Maybe next time :x

Anyways, i believe that when i can clear my mind a bit more and not be so tired.. that maybe i’d have more to say but as for now i think im good. So then off to sleep for me (yes im crazy and yes i realize that its like 3am right now and i expect to wake up at like 5 or 6am.)

Goodnight/Goodmorning wherever you might be~

~ Hope ♥



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