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Unexpected Trials January 30, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

When you wander and find a door that is locked.. Do you search for another or attempt to find a key?

Currently Feeling..:

Feeling of Harmony

Well then, aside from the terrible dream i had the other night that kept me from sleeping peacefully.. this day wasnt so bad. Its strange though simply because i have one horrible dream one night then the next following nights seem to be more pleasant. After that one dream i had.. the next night was something i could smile and feel at ease about, it just seemed and felt so real. Of course i wouldnt forget that it was simply a dream but ah man how much i wish it was true… at least at this point in time i do. Whos to say something similar wouldnt occur in the near future? Not i but i can hope for the best. To simplify the feelings i got were first fear and disturbance from the dream i had before, feeling of uselessness and torment almost kept me pondering why i had it.. like as if there was no one around me to help if i needed it. In dreams like those i feel trapped and rightfully claimed too because i tried to wake up a few times and it wasnt until the third that i finally woke up. I felt a bit nervous after all that and when i went to sleep last night at first i felt like i was going to be broken again but.. seemingly as the dream continued it started mending my feelings. Not completely of course but still a small healing process meant so much to me and it just made me feel quite happy today. Anyways im sure people dont really feel like hearing too much of my dreams lol so i’ll continue onward.

Yesterday i finally was able to purchase a new digital camera (my old one i had was Really Really old and i think i got it back in early 2000’s lol the thing isnt even sufficient anymore.. it like sucks out all the battery life in the first 10 seconds i turn it on. I mean it took some good pictures and all but it just grew to be very inconvenient at the times i needed it. I’ll still keep it put away since its still useful at least with its ac adapter.) Im quite happy with what i have now, i decided to make a little carrying pouch for it when i have the chance. I kinda know the pattern and design i want for it so it shouldnt take too long to make either. I tested the quality of the pictures and it seems pretty promising so i look forward to carrying it around with me and using it when i find a good moment to -^^- .

On another note, ive finally got an idea on what im gonna do for the chocolate requests ive gotten. I finished the first part and i was thinking of what i should do to present them in. I figured if i can fit a couple things in a small box i could craft a small basket of some sort to place everything in and then top it all off with a lolipop. I suppose all i need is some cardboard for a solid piece to lay the chocolates out on, i thnk i have some spare pieces from the christmas chocolate boxes i made so that shouldnt be a problem. Only thing i need to decide on is how i plan on placing everything i guess lol. Once i get it down i’ll probably take some photos and i’ll post a few here :x Other than that i think i’ll be pretty much done then i can send the little gifts off on their way. But one thing i do dread is running out of chocolate, i mean its never happened before but if and when it does happen its gonna suck >>;  so hopefully i wont run out of materials this time around.

Anyways, that is what has been going on lately and really its been proving to be a busy time. However i just want people to know that dispite me being so busy and sometimes not around much.. i still think of them often, i hope and pray that they are doing well. So i send you all lots of love ♥



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