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A Celebration of a Life February 6, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

A Life is so precious, so dear. Treat it with Kindness and Love

Currently Feeling..:


If it was me i would say never take your life for granted, always appreciate what you have and enjoy life for what it’s worth. But you know.. a lot of people might not agree. This can go for all occasions but.. i feel if anything that you should feel good about your own Birthday. After all, it is the day you came into existence.. the day you became something real in this world for all to see. Being able to express yourself and grow and become something more.. become You. Everyone makes a difference even if they don’t notice it much, simply because you affect those around you not only yourself. As we walk down our roads of life yes we will make mistakes but we will also make achievements. We will feel sorrow but yet.. we will feel happiness. We shall give despair yet give hope.. We can give pain but as well we can give bliss. No matter what road block you might see in your way, there is always a way around it and with that i say never give up even if your goal is just but a dream. It is still something after all is it not? Better to look forward to a dream coming true than to nothing at all. A dream is a desire of the heart~ No matter who you are i feel it is just for everyone to feel some form of happiness that they have survived all the years they have and to appreciate it with great gratitude. Don’t give up and those around you shall always hold strong. It is a Celebration of a Life, not just any life. Your life. Take it seriously and hold it close, remember the memories and keep living onward. And with that i say to you, i shall always be here for you if you ever might need me and even if you might not need my help, i am still here and i always shall be. Especially for you.

With all that said, i have another piece of my heart to share with you. Please hold it true for i mean every word i speak. (In technical terms your birthday is tomorrow the 7th, but for you it is already the 7th. Which is why i am writing this now instead of tomorrow.)

Such is the day that you came to exist
It is quite special and i feel that is right
I feel that a celebration is in order, i do insist
As this is the day of which you took your first breath of life.

You always have and always will mean the world to me so i take this day seriously. And I’ll always say and truly feel the love i express and pain that i healed.
When i wish good upon you and constantly pray, i do it with no ill intent.
When i express how i feel in hopes you can see, i do it unconditionally.
When i think of you each day as i wake and before i sleep, i do it with a smile and ease on my heart.
When i hope for the best and know you’re doing well, i continue to hope and try to give support.
~Such is the day that you came to exist
It is quite special and i feel that is right
I feel that a celebration is in order, i do insist
As this is the day of which you took your first breath of life.~

As i always have, i wish you a Happy Birthday and just remember that i am always here. Please enjoy it and i hope i could enjoy it with you.

With Love,

Hope ♥



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