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XOXO or -SAD- ? February 12, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge, Hope's Game Diary.

Memories that were built from within and crafted with care, would you not agree its a wonderful thing?

Currently Feeling..:

Shy & Longing

Now don’t get me wrong on how I’m currently feeling right now, i wouldn’t say I’m feeling this way for any specific reasons. More like its the memories that are racing through my mind that make me feel this way.

<Begin Mini Rant: style=”rather confused but frustrated”>

Now the reason why i named this post is simply because its nearing Valentines Day, a holiday that many don’t understand why its quite there (monies hungry, sell hart stoofs omnomnomnomnom..) and some despise and loathe it rather find it a real holiday. Now i can agree on that for the most part as majority of the time its just a waste of money but i mean if you wanna get the point across that you care be it to a family member or a person you adore.. i suppose this holiday sums it up and makes it easier for you to get inspiration (yes even i don’t know why sometimes i used to look forward to this holiday.. maybe its because before, my thoughts raced and sometimes my heart was crying out to feel loved by people but that shouldn’t be much of an excuse to hope for something now is it?)

Well my memories of this holiday really make me think of one other “holiday” in relation, Birthdays. Why? well i only say that because the disappointment i always got from this holiday vaguely replicated the disappointment i got on my birthdays Lol. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting all butt hurt about the fact that i got no valentine cards from the heart or anything, nor am i getting all frustrated at the fact that usually people neglected the point that i took birthdays seriously. (I have no idea why i would compare a birthday to valentines day, well actually i do. The point of Valentines Day was to make a person you care about feel special right? Showing them how you feel and so on, well Birthdays are supposed to be kind of the same thing but in my opinion a Birthday holds more value and worthiness for celebration than Valentines day simply because its been turned into a mainstream

“Buy as much as you can for people if you care about them because if you dont then you dont care about them and then they will hate you and you’ll be sad and sorry because you’ll regret the fact that you forgot or delibrately didnt do anything and then suffer the concequences when all your loved ones hate you for not buying anything. . . {Like spending time with them and actually Showing you appreciate them doesnt matter.} So dont let that happen to you lest you be a poor poor soul destined for despair blah blah blah..”

Kind of day. . and despite my humorous attempts to describe it lol… many people might agree that its pretty much what this day has become :/

Anyways i think i got a bit of a rant out of the way regarding how ridiculous holidays are being destroyed by greedy tards. (I mean seriously, Wth is up with selling Halloween stuff in September when summer just barely turns to fall lol, then Christmas stuff all of a sudden pops up out of nowhere before thanksgiving is even over Lol…. then once Christmas is over, for some reason Valentines day stuff started appearing in the beginning of January @.@ i mean its not even freaking close to the holiday :/ i could understand the Christmas stuff being a bit early but i mean seriously there was no problem before when i was little where they would sell the stuff simply after the current holiday in season has passed. I am now surprised i have not seen Easter stuff in the stores yet considering how they get you to try and buy stuff ahead of time like its really gonna make a difference. Oh well I’m fed up with it a bit but it makes me laugh a bit inside because of how funny it is to see random holiday stuff being sold in stores promptly after one has just finished or even before one has passed.)

< /End Mini Rant>

Lol ok now that i got that out of my system i can share some funny or cute things related to Valentines day since it is pretty close anyways.

Now one of the first things i can say is i do enjoy Valentines Day events, i don’t know what it is about them but i enjoy them. I mean everyone loves to feel special right? What better way to feel special by participating in such events lol.  Now I’m just joking but seriously i like doing the events in the online games i play (if given the opportunity to of course)

First major thing i loved about the event in Trickster was the fact that its not just stupid skill scrolls this time but the actual skill card itself. That excited me so much that it made me want to horde that skill like mad, which i am.

Skill Description

(Little history here, For the longest time any special event skills we got were consumable item scrolls that looked kinda like this,



but every once in a while we would get a skill card that let us Learn the skill and use it to our hearts delight. Scrolls are temp and sad especially if you wanted to spam the fun skill on things :/ anyways that’s kind of the point. No the skill doesn’t give you stats, No it doesn’t attack stuff, No it doesn’t do anything really special. Why like it? Because its pretty and you use those skills to interact with other people lol that’s pretty much about it.)

Skill Effect: Basically sends a heart to target and explodes into many hearts on impact.

And i shall horde that skill like i attempted to horde most of the others if i was given the chance to. The event equipment was cute too, but that skill card was just the icing on the cake right there.

The next thing up was Gaia, now i tend to enjoy their events simply because you cant take them seriously. Now that isn’t a problem because you want to have fun, the events are usually fairly comical and you can pretty much twist them in your favor (however you may like.) Now i thought that one year of sending Valentine Cards was pretty damn funny, if i remember correctly.. each card was sent with a mad lib’s style format. It made you choose random words and put the card together basing it on those words. The other type of event that just always stuck in my mind was the horrible and stupid pick up lines one, i believe it was the kissing event (you send a “kiss” to a user of your choice) Either way, they were all funny.

This year is Valentine Cards again but with a twist, you can be pro or anti so it actually can be customized to your liking, send mean stuff to someone on valentines day lol i dunno but somewhere along that line i find it funny. There was however only one card that stood out to me. And i shall show you what it said.

Now what do you have to say about that lol?

Yeah that was pretty funny, moving on now though.. I did find a few other cute things amongst my searching. Maybe i’ll post those next time when i can find them all again lol. So with that i leave you with this:

9x – 7i < 3(3x-7u)
9x – 7i < 9x – 21u
-9x -9x
-7i < -21u
-7 -7
i < 3u

— Hope ♥



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