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As the Lightning Dances in the Sky~ February 18, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

All the Random extras that come with Life, It’s worth it.–

Currently Feeling..:

Just a Little Cold

So lol things are pretty cold and rainy where i am, not like its that big of a problem as i love the rain. I suppose its more worrisome for those who have to deal with the snow right now. So i keep praying that everyone stays safe and doesn’t have to deal with a disaster.

As for me, i look forward to seeing the lightning dance in the sky as the rain pours down with the sound of thunder playing its wonderful sound in the background.

I knew the rain was coming soon after being able to feel it in the air and how the sky was obviously telling everyone that a storm was coming soon and really soon. All i have to say to that is its just a little tiny bit chilly.

Other than the rain happening, tomorrow there’s supposed to be a Pokemon Black & White Tour going on at the mall. I plan on getting there early to check it out, there’s supposed to be an event Celebi being given away i think and a promo showing of the latest Pokemon movie so I’m sure I’ll enjoy that. (Gonna bring all my games to get the event legendary on all of them lol) I’ll probably take pictures of things if it seems promising to but either way I’m sure its gonna be fun lol. I am not sure what else is gonna happen there but its a little something to look forward to before the new games come out, granted i did collect the shiny Raikou, Entei, and Suicune from “The Legendary Trio” event last month.


On a random note, the strangest thing happened to me last night.. See.. i went out to buy a Java Chip Frapachino from Starbucks as i was craving it for a while lol. Now when i got it was getting ready to taste it, but i noticed that the whipped cream on the top was slightly overflowing the cup. So like anyone might do, i decide to lick it off. No big problem right? Wrong! This whipped cream had a kick to it, it was out to get somebody and that somebody was me.

When i touched my tongue to the top of the whipped cream ready to lick it off… it shocked me! Yes I’m not joking.. the freaking whipped cream somehow had an electrical charge to it and shocked my tongue.. My poor taste-buds were numb in that area for a good minute or two, but when i thought it was safe.. i go in for a second try and it shocks me again! Now see i don’t know what is wrong with this whipped cream but it was a mean whipped cream indeed. The third time i went to eat it, it finally settled down and didn’t shock me again but the fact that it freaking did it in the beginning is confusing and sad. Being shocked by whipped cream is no laughing matter.. Now about the car door that keeps shocking me… that seems more logical than whipped cream but still as deadly. (No joke, this really happened. Beware of the whipped cream of doom…)



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