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A little piece of information :x March 4, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Entertainment Room.

Review for Jitbit – Macro Recorder

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This doesnt seem to unusual for me since on my older Blog/Webjournal i used to have likes and dislikes for various products i used. So i’ll break it down lol.
The program im gonna be talking about is a Macro Recorder from Jitbit. I dont know, i actually thought it might be worthy speaking about it because it actually has been pretty helpful in situations where constant clicking would kill my finger lol. So anyways onward with this.

Alright then, so i thought i would do a review for this thing. I have been using this program for a little while and testing it out (making it do wacky things for my amusement) and making it run tasks for me randomly when i want them. And so far out of most of the macro programs i have tried, this one is by far most the best i have used. I mean.. i had limitations with the older ones and half the time they would bug out during tasks and it was quite irritating. Usually i had to recreate the recorded file if it did something stupid and try to make it run more smoothly. This program however i have noticed from the first time around i had not needed to really remake any recordings as they worked accurately and fairly well from the first recording (unless i do something stupid and make it run the wrong task by accident or make it select incorrect options of course >>; )
Anyways, really i would recommend this program over most others since in my opinion it seems reliable and stable for pretty much anything you want to throw at it. I have yet to test it with more complex tasks but im sure i can do it with ease so long they work the first time around. (I like that i can remove actions easier in here too without worrying about accidentally deleting more than i needed to then have to go back and figure out what the heck happened lol…)
So yes~ I think this program is worth trying out even if its just for fun. I mean half the things i do on it are purely for fun anyways xD
If you are interested in looking it up, here’s a link to the product. Enjoy~

Jitbit – Macro Recorder



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