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Time after Time~ March 4, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Entertainment Room.

When life hits you the hardest.. What can you do?

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So its been a while since I’ve been able to make a post. I would say its not so bad if not for the fact that i was sick recently. Well i wouldn’t really call it “sick” but basically i was having some breathing problems and had to stay away from the comp for a while. I am feeling a lot better than i was before but i still need to watch out for the issue.

I had not been able to talk much about what has happened since my last post, but I’ll try to make up for it lol. I was able to go to the Pokemon B&W Tour on Feb 20th and it was pretty fun. I managed to get some stuff while i was there too, there was also a free showing of the most recent Pokemon movie in the theater. But firstly I’ll start off with how the day began and ended and show pictures of the outing :3

Pokemon B&W Tour Day–

Well i managed to get to the mall at 10am and i thought that there wasn’t going to be that many people there already but i was terribly wrong lol. There already was a decently sized line waiting there so i figured I’ll start out at the information booth then work my way around. That was a good idea really because that is where they were handing out the movie tickets. The movie showings started from like 10 or 11am and ended on its last showing at 6pm, originally i figured oh well i hope we get the early showing since it would be nice but i was pretty shocked to find out that when i made it up to the window they began to hand out the tickets for the Last showing. I wondered how in the world did they manage to run out of tickets so fast?? But then again there were a lot of people there so i suppose it makes sense, i was just happy i was able to make it in time to get a ticket before they all ran out lol. I felt bad for all those people who showed up late for the event since they pretty much missed out on a lot of things but i am happy i got my full days worth there lol.

Anyways, after i got my tickets i was wandering around to see where everything was. Figured while i was waiting i could pick up my event celebi since by that time it was like close to 10:30am. Turned out that game stop didn’t open until 11am >>; so i had to wait before i was able to get anything (Which of course i was going to get celebi on all 3 of my games since i figure I’ll probably trade one to B&W when i get it and then keep the other two on my other games to mess around with.)  While i was waiting it wasn’t so bad but i didn’t realize that most of everything was going to start at 11am, so i was best off waiting in one of the lines to begin my “tour”. Apparently there was a stamp rally so i figured i should get that fast before other people show up and lines get crazy, there were also prizes given away from completing the stamp rally so i wanted to make sure i got something before they ran out of things to give lol. There were quite a few people that went in costume too, it reminded me of ani con.

Well by the time it hit 11am there was a huge line waiting to get the booklets for the stamp rally, i sure was glad that i decided to wait in line for that before it was too late.. The line stretched out around the back of the mall lol… My original plan was to rush through the stamp rally then try to do all the other things before it got too late. After i got my booklet i went to get a couple stamps then got my Celebi. As i managed to go through the stamp rally i was put into a tough decision on whether or not i should just go and wait in the line for the prize or try to collect the other prizes you get. I decided well I’m better off waiting in line for the stamp prize because that seemed most tedious to get and I’m glad i chose that >>; Besides while i was waiting in line i was able to see the “Meet the Pokemon” event and get some pictures of that lol. But man that was also hilarious xD you see… there was also a line to take pictures with the Pokemon (Which were people dressed up in gigantic costumes of the new starter Pokemon, Oshawott was such a camera hoar lol but it was adorable) The person that was trying to keep the line in order was i guess a midget? i couldn’t tell i wasn’t paying attention to that line since i was trying to take pictures from the other line lol. Anyways.. That guy was getting really pissed off and yelling like crazy lol i thought he was going to spontaneously combust or something. After i managed to take a few pictures of Oshawott and Snivy i was already close to the end of the line, unfortunately all the plushies were out of stock so i chose 2 stylus pens instead. After getting my prize i began heading out to another stand that sold Pokemon stuffs so i bought a couple things (2 figurines and a plush, so cute lol) and then began heading back to another area to kill some time since i was waiting for 6pm to roll around to watch the movie.

At that point i had taken quite a few pictures of some cosplayers and stands and i was getting hungry so i sat down in the food court and got some food while waiting and figuring out what to do next. When i was done eating i decided to put the stuff i got back in the car so I’m not carrying it around (that proved to be a bit of an inconvenience because of what happened right after that lol) So after putting the stuff in the car i went back in and got in another line which was for testing the new game. While i was there i ended up talking to the people who were in front of me, it was a boy and his father. The boy apparently had a Nintendo DS LL (the Japanese version of XL) As i talked to him i had found out that despite having the games (they were Japanese versions and i didn’t know lol) he wasn’t able to get the collectors celebi >>; now me feeling kinda like “Oh.. i have 3.. oh well maybe i can be nice”.. I decided to give him one of my celebi’s. That really made his day and that made me pretty happy that i did him a favor :x . After all that and playing the game demo we parted ways and i hope that the little gift i gave him would be the special thing he got out of that event. (Turns out hes going back to japan in June or something, his father told him that when they go back if they have a Pokemon event there, maybe he could give me one of the special Pokemon they get as a thank you :x Of course I’m not counting on it because I’m sure that’s a hassle but I’m just glad i was able to make someone smile lol)

Once i finished going through all the event booths it was already close to 6pm and so i began walking toward the movie theater. I decided well i guess i can sit down and wait in line for the movie. A bit more time passed and they finally let people in for the movie, as i sat down though the funniest thing happened. It was Pictochat time xD Yes i do not kid you, a lot of people in the theaters broke out their DS’s and we all had a big pictochat party. This was of course waiting for the movie to start, so it was rather entertaining lol. When the movie started everyone put away their DS’s and such, i must say too it has been a long time since i last saw a Pokemon movie in theaters. (I think the last one was Pokemon 2000? i cant remember lol) This movie was cute, i enjoyed it. I had gotten the plushie of Zorua xD and for once the “sad” parts of the movie had Nothing to do with Ash! which was another plus. After the movie was over i turned in my ticket stubs and got the usual “collectors card” but i guess they took a unique route to making the collectors card this time around since it is like 4x bigger than it normally is lol. Either way it was cute.

Annyyyywayyysss, after the movie that was pretty much the end of the day :x It was a day filled with Pokemon adventures and it was rather fun. It had reminded me of the last Pokemon event i had went to (Which coincidentally enough their Pokemon give away was also celebi xD I think it was for Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal) at six flags/magic mountain. The giant Pokemon person was pikachu lol i remember taking pictures of that event but i don’t think i have them anymore since it was on my old old camera. But yes reminiscent of old times.


(I shall add the pictures a bit later, i have to take them off of my camera first and sort them .-. )



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