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♥~♪ Do the Nyan-Nyan ♪~♥ April 21, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Entertainment Room.

When you need a little uplifting, rely on cute things

Currently Feeling..:

A little depressed

I do wish for a lot of things but i guess theres just some things that will always feel out of your grasp. I ponder these things all the time but i guess its hard to not let things get the best of me.

Like lately for example, ive been not doing so well in terms of my health. Sometimes i wonder if people really care if something bad happens to me, but thats just negativity taking over my mind.. I do know people care about me but sometimes i just dont realize who does or sometimes i forget. I suppose you could say im going on a depressive trip here because of how much my heart aches from all the troubles ive gone through. I dont feel like im being greedy or selfish at all, i give my all for everything that i cherish. I do try my best and i would give anything and everything just for things to be alright. I mean we all have our ups and downs in life but to me i just feel like im being pushed down way too far and its much too hard for me to climb back up out of that hole i fell into long ago. Sometimes i just dont know whats gonna become of anything in my life but i keep pressing on and hoping for the best even if that best never comes.. I’ll always be waiting and trying. Always.

From all these thoughts ive been having while having to stay put and not over exert myself i guess it gets a bit lonesome and i begin to get worry thoughts.. I hope this passes soon, im just so torn about everything im not sure how much more i have to suffer. I want so much but yet its just very little, i hope one day my dreams and desires will come true.. But even so i guess i shouldnt really think much of it.

I suppose out of all this i try to uplift myself and make myself smile even if its just a little. I guess thats how i found the following video.

It might be random but i guess it made me feel a bit more calm to see something cute and funny, i hope to feel better soon.

So do watch the following just for the heck of it, its so cute and addicting it might make you wanna dance to it and sing it randomly out of nowhere.

I will keep praying and hoping for the best, thank you to those who do care but im just blind to see it right now. And i am sorry if that is the case, just know i care too and appreciate your concerns.


♪♪Nyannyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyany anyanyanyan~~♪♪♪



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