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Changes- The Proving point of Endurance May 1, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Hope's Game Diary.

A little bit of disappointment makes the world go round, A little bit of Excitement makes the world a happy place.

Currently Feeling..:

a little frustrated and happy

So then after all the things that had been anticipated on Trickster Online there had been some disappointment and misunderstandings. However, along with that there also had been astonishment and enjoyment. One of the patches i had been dreading was the Refinement Update, since i wasn’t exactly sure on how it was going to work.. Some say equipment will get downgraded from their current refinements, others say some will get buffed and be better than they ever could have been. I think i finally understand what it meant now and its not really what people expected I’m sure. (unless they peered into the window of kTO though of course) Well fearing the worst i logged in, checked all my gears and at first i felt relieved because i Thought they weren’t affected by any stat decrease… However i wasn’t looking at it right and noticed that the weapon i looked at first was actually my main LK weapon.. which had the same stats as my main MA weapon.. >> and the LK weapon had quite a bit less MA on it than its counterpart.

Normally my older staff (the high Luck staff) had like 140-150 MA on it, it jumped up to like 190ish which was around the amount my newer staff (the high MA base one) had. Now when i looked at the other staff i noticed that there was a dramatic change since it basically gained like another 100 MA on it >>; that kinda shocked me and actually made me a bit happy since i was trying to max out refinement on that thing to get about that much MA on it and now that its about the amount i wanted i don’t really need to max refine it now.. (Well i probably still will just because its a kind of achievement but i don’t necessarily need to now..)


The results of the Refinement Update on my Older Staff


The results of the Refinement Update on my Newer Staff

Now i was still kind of wondering if my other things were changed too, so i took a look at my alt characters staff that i made to see if it got buffed/nerfed/or remained the same.. and it actually got buffed a bit. I think its base MA used to be like 53?


Results of the Alt Staff

I also checked other weapons, like a sword i refined, it used to have 1k AP and ended up getting 2.2k AP from this update so yeah… At first i thought that sword was going to be kind of outdated and sad because of all the new equipment (mainly boss weapons now) but since this update it made it on par with most decent equips these days and is useful for a lvl 215. I made it mainly for its AC (i compounded AC on it and got it to have around 74 AC i believe?) but now its decent to use as a power weapon ^^; Aside from the Refinement Update i was hoping to find out who the winners of the Drilling event were (i knew i had to be one of them but i just wanted to know what place i was.. i really wished i was like in the top 3 though :/ ) That announcement ended up being delayed but i eventually found out all the winners.


Spring 2011 Poppuri Top Drillers

Yeah i located where i was on the list, i apparently ended up with 9th place, lol i knew i should have striven for that 60k boxes. Something was telling me i should have xD so close yet so far..

Now there was one thing that bothered me about the patch though.. And that was somehow my char got screwed up -.-; I’m not too sure what happened but apparently i had noticed that my Character didn’t have her wedding title on, so i checked in my MyView window to fix it and apparently it was not there anymore. I also noticed that my Wedding tab in there was missing so i went to check my skill list and saw that my wedding skill was still there. Now see, it was a major glitch since normally if you dissolve marriage in TO it specifically says that your skill will get removed along with all the other things and you get penalized with a 7 day waiting period after that (so you cant get a relationship/married until another week) Well i had all my wedding things available to me before that one patch, it just so happened to disappear (Except the skill) right after the patch. I also checked the NPC that issues you your relationship status and it apparently was going to let me start a new one right away so that made no sense at all, it was an obvious bug. I had sent in a Support 1:1 and got the usual response, i waited for the following patch and it still was not fixed. I sent in another 1:1 and they said they were on it. Finally after the most recent patch it actually got fixed so now i know it was a bug lol >>.. I just don’t like it when my accounts get screwed up for whatever reason (it leads to many unnecessary misunderstandings :/ i was pretty mad after that happened) At least it is fixed now so i don’t need to worry about it again (i hope)

In conclusion, i mean i have had my issues with games here and there (with all the games i played not just one) and i swear i have the most unique problems ever. I had asked others if they had that issue with their MyView and everyone i asked didn’t have it lol i just wonder if anyone else had that issue too that i don’t know about. Oh well..

Gotta admit though, people do love to crowd the GM’s after every patch lol


GM’s also seemed to get a little GM AoE buff in this patch too (which was pretty neat lol) +50% of your main stats :x

After all that, i ran off to a place of solitude to escape the lag. And i still love to wait there. (if you look carefully you can see i have the little GM buffs on me too)


I’ll be waiting for you here, Always~

Yes, just remember, i shall be waiting for you here.. Always~ ♥



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