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Renewal and Rebirth May 2, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Hope's Game Diary.

A Continuation of the Past

Currently Feeling..:

Feeling of Success

Well after so long (which was like from 2004 to now lol) i finally was able to do something with my iRO characters. Ever since it got a little difficult paying for the game i had to stop, but since the recent patch that made iRO turn into Free to Play i had gotten curious and decided to look at my old account.


While i was checking back i wandered around to old familiar places and discovered new things

Looking at it reminded me of a lot and brought back many memories of the past. I was able to finally do something about my characters and finally managed to get my Main to lvl 99. It was quite a surprise considering i remember how hard it was to level Pre-Renewal, but after Renewal hit it made it a bit easier to get exp where i left off (which was like lvl 85 i believe) Being able to get like 1% and higher per kill was just purely shocking considering before i would be happy to just get 0.1% >>;; But yes i managed to finally hit that first accomplishment and getting max level with my first second job character.


The moment i got the final level


Finally getting to stare at my own aura lol.. Mmm shinyness…

I was also able to job change my Acolyte to a Priestess finally too (i was so close to job changing but it was such a big pain in the rear to just get those last 5 job levels.. that and GH Churchyard was being very unforgiving, however there’s no way i would have been able to grind an aco there now lol their levels got ridiculously high >>; )


Sitting down in the Job Changing Room as my last moments of being an Acolyte


And finally becoming a Priestess..

There was many more things that i wanted to do since i had the opportunity to do them, but i suppose that will take time. For now my Wizard will take the journey onward to being Transcendent and then Third Job. Might be a while before i manage to make my Priestess Trans/3rd since i know that will be a pain in the rear for sure lol. The next one i most likely will have up for Transcendence will be my Alchemist, but first i want to get her homunculus evolved and max leveled lol (hopefully that wont take too long)

It makes me happy to be able to see all my old characters again, and i hope that i’ll be able to do all the things ive wanted to do with my characters for so long. That 4 year break really had alot of changes go along with it, it actually challenged me but my veteran RO days proved to be worth something since ive still got it lol  ^-‘ v

Well then, until my next update the journey will go on.. ♥ you all



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