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Secrets of my Heart July 10, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

My heart, please salvage it as it is in your hands to keep

Currently Feeling..:

A bit Emotional

Well there is no easy way to say this but… I need you, i’m just so broken right now.. i know you have to be watching at least a little bit from a distance. I’m not too sure how things are for you but i constantly pray for you and your surroundings. I always think of you and worry if you are doing alright. As i sit here so far away drowning in my own misery, i try my best to overcome my sadness and i think of you.

After such a long time between my posts i suppose this is a bit random, i just have this pain from thinking about how i am right now. All of that would be calmed down if i could just be able to be around you again. You mean that much to me, i feel that you can break me so easily if you wanted to… But maybe i gave you that power ever since the day you touched my heart. I gave it to you and i believe you still hold it gently irregardless of how things have been.

I just want to be saved by the warmth of your embrace.. to be held and told it will be alright and that things happened but it did not change a thing.

Sigh well more of my ramblings at 12am while i try and sleep, i haven’t been able to do much of anything lately, i’m sorry if you worry about me, i’m sorry if you wonder where i’ve been. I don’t want anyone to worry like crazy about me but i do feel better knowing i’m thought of..

Well i suppose i will go and try and fall asleep now, attempting to wake up early and work on my way to a full recovery.

Thank you for existing, and remember i am always here waiting.



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