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Kind of like the Memories of Day One July 28, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

Sometimes you wish you could turn time back, just to relive the memories. I know i do.

Currently Feeling..:


It feels almost like just a fragment of a memory. Like something so unreal.
It feels like life is lying to me, like i never went through that trial.

I remember the first time you opened up to me, it was really cute. I wouldn’t forget it ever.

“here goes.. hm.. er.. kung alam mo lang sana kung gaano kita kamahal lahat ibibigay ko mapasaya ka lang”

Yeah it was kinda like that..


The sweetness in that message, the first time he opened up to me even if it was in his language and I could not understand. As he sent me more messages in this manner because he was too shy to say anything at that point, the more curious I got in regards to what they really meant. I managed to translate a few of them through a good friend of ours and one message in particular really stood out to me, it was bitter sweet. The reality was the truth in his words, how heartbreaking that it felt but how much meaning it had. That’s all that mattered. I was so lost back then but when he found my heart he held it close and caressed it with tender love and care. All the pain i had was suddenly erased and it took me a while to figure out why i felt that way.. I guess that’s love for you.

I continue to remember all the times we had fun together, all the things we did and shared.

screenshot0034 It seemed as though i really couldn’t stop thinking about him, thoughts of him always flooded my mind and it made me happy. Even my friends could vouch for that, my mind and eyes were set on him and him alone. I just always thought about him, everywhere i went he was there. screenshot0046

We always had fun together, growing ever closer and it made us both happy.

screenshot0067 We both were happy just to be in the presence of the other, really that’s all that mattered and our friends knew this too. It felt like sheer bliss.

We were so close.. we told each other everything and felt like nothing else really mattered. The way we felt transcended throughout everything..


I wanted to live in it forever, that bliss i felt. The joy and happiness i felt by just knowing he was there with me and would always be there for me. That’s what i lived for, and that’s what i continue to feel like i will live for. Even if it took thousands of years, i feel as though my heart wouldn’t sway. I still love him.. and he will always have a place in my heart. I don’t think I could ever forget even if I wanted to.

It is possible that i am reminiscing because its getting close to my birthday but there just is something inside of me crying out, wanting to speak out and tell the world how i feel. I want him to see and i want everyone to see. I’ll be patient as i always am, waiting peacefully. I know that one day, i will be able to see his face and hear his voice. The moment he calls out my name and looks at me like we’ve known each other all our lives will be the moment.. i probably wouldn’t be able to hold back all the tears i’ve been hiding inside of me. They will be tears of joy that were waiting to be expressed. The reality of it all, expressing how much i truly miss and love him. I thank God every day that i am alive so i can think about him and remember. I pray that we will once again be like Day One.

In my dreams and heart, i will always be here waiting. Don’t forget the memories, they are the threads that mend together your life. Without memories and experiences, life would be empty. That’s why i cherish mine.


Let the memories live on.

– ♥ Hope



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