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The Sad Symphony of my Heart February 11, 2012

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.
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The many thoughts that race through my mind, the words that speak the feelings of my heart..

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A bit tired…

As i sit here i reflect on many things. I pray that all of those that i cherish and people i have met in my life could see what i see. I pray that their pains might be taken away and their minds cleared so they can walk down the path of their life in righteousness.
I feel a need to speak my mind even if it isn’t much, a short memory planted ever so gently and cared for deeply in hopes it would blossom into something wonderful for all to see.
I love you all, no matter what may happen in the near future. Trials and Tribulation, whatever you may wish to call it, either way in the end the truth shall be known. That very thought puts my heart at ease, but the journey there will be difficult and hard for many to understand. I hope and pray that your eyes may be opened and your hearts cleansed from the evils of this world and what it has become.
The memories of things that happened when i was a child versus what goes on today is such a big difference it is horrendous. I cry sorrowful tears deep within me when i see these many things in the present time.
How everyone has become greedy and selfish towards one another, betrayal and malicious jealousy.. It is so tragic that one must endure the pains of such events especially when it involves someone dear to them. The world has truly changed for the worse and despite all that i see and hope for in my mind heart and soul.. i don’t see it ever getting much better. We are too far gone, too far lost, fell too far down into that pit and it is nearly impossible to climb out even with help.. after all many nowadays would leave them that fall for dead. It is sad to see what has become of our world, our lives. I ponder many of these things each day and i pray for the miserable souls that have to endure and survive through constant torment, i hope they find rest..
Despite all of this negativity i still look toward heaven with most of these burdens behind me, a lot try to drag me down but what can you do really? It is difficult to sever the bonds that tie you down completely especially if they rule your life. I pray for true freedom, freedom that doesn’t come with fine print or a catch. One day i am sure i will experience it, but until then i will continue to hope and pray dearly for those that need guidance and order in their lives.
I thank God every day that i can continue to take a breath and admire what is left of what once used to be a beautiful perfect world.. before it becomes completely corrupt with sin.

A letter of my heart, with wishes for the most reasonable best with what is left.


Another year for you February 6, 2012

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.
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When a time comes that you feel so moved, express how you feel…

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I always remember very special days, you might not think i do but i truly do. I would never forget something special about you. So i have come here to say, to make an archive of for you and everyone to see, that i hope you have a wonderful Birthday.
Always remember, i cherished every day i spent with you and especially the first day we met. Therefore, another important day to me is the day you were born.
It might not look like i am around but i think of you everyday, never forget that. If one day you stumble upon this please know that you are and always will be important to me. “Mahal Kita”, dont forget it.

A new Path has approached us January 3, 2012

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.
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Shall we continue walking onward?

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As this new year begins i hope and pray that blessings come your way.
I hope this year will open up new opportunities for many things and i hope that if bad things do occur that it will be merciful and swift.
As a reflection of the many things that happened last year, im hoping that things will go in a positive way. But i suppose that is up to us to look for and see as the future unfolds.
My prayers go out to you all, stay safe <3