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The view I see in the distance, in the horizon. December 31, 2014

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.
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As a storm continues raging all you can do is wait for it to pass, right..? Maybe i’ll keep waiting for you then.

Currently Feeling..:


So as this is pretty much the last post of this year as the time counts down closer and closer to the dawn of our new year. I begin reflecting on all that has happened thus far, just as i have been reflecting at least for this entire last month. With the many troubles clouding my mind i am trying my best to keep positive and hold onto the warm happy blips amongst the issues. I want to be able to bring a smile, to bring happiness, to all those whom i cherish dearly.
A few people in my mind, in my thoughts, as i reflect this night.

S-, N-, T-, Z- . You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this year brings you all clarity and relief from all of your problems that you may come across. And despite all of my weaknesses (which i am grateful to have friends like you to listen and care about me. I wish there was a word i could call you all that is higher than that because to me you guys are like family.) I am always ready to listen and be here to help you just as you help me. Raise your spirits as you raise mine. Laugh and smile together and enjoy each-others company. There are many many numerous things i could possibly say but i think i would be sitting here for hours talking about them, and i am sure that many of the things i would probably blank on being able to explain when there are things that are best explained in person. I hope that you will allow me to record all of these memories we share. To remember each one fondly, because those are the things that make me continue onward each day. May we never lose touch, may we always be close, may we always be near no matter the distance between us.
As well as my bonds that i hold dearly to my heart, i look toward the future and wonder what it holds for me. Thinking of the things that could, should, and possibly would happen. Things i hope, wish, desire as well. I hope this coming year brings those things to me. If it does so, i would grasp and hold them with care and never wish to let go.

May the things in the near future be eased worries, may there be clarity through the fog and mist that seems to be blocking the horizon. May the sun’s warm rays pierce through the clouds and clear that fog and mist as the new dawn rises.. as i stand there looking endearingly toward the near future to be. With new hopes and new paths to open, knowing i wont be walking down them alone but with those whom i cherish dearly.
There are many things i am hoping and praying that this new year will bring, many of which would change perspectives and worlds around. I hope for the better, and with that i look forward to building many more wonderful memories to capture and remember in my heart and mind. There are many things i wish to do, many things i may be able to do easily where others are not so much. I still hope i can strive for the more difficult ones because those are the ones i feel much desire to obtain. Either way however, i will be happy and continue trying.. moving onward through this year.

I suppose lately i have been writing rather serious and emotional things than the fun silly things i once used to. I hope i can go back to do those things from time to time because i’m sure that despite them being silly writings, it was nice to have silly things to talk about and reflect on. I had been neglecting to talk about various subjects for much too long in my opinion and i feel its time to try and bring myself and others up to speed with what i have been up to and what i have been thinking of rather than the random blips of emotion being spilled upon paper. I have been wanting to put random screenshots and stories from the games i play(ed) and other silly things i do in real life. (like the various projects i had worked on and even gifts i made for friends and family.) I would love to begin recording these memories more because i want to have something to share with the people i care about. And if ever were there something to happen to me, my words would live on and they can look at all i have been saying while i was around.
Journals of the Journey in my life, the various paths i have taken as well as many people i have met. I want to remember it all.
So to note as a final thought, May the many memories we make last forever. Even beyond our lifetimes. I hope to remain in all of your hearts as a precious memory, a beloved friend in your lives. Just as you all are to me.

As the days go on, i wish to learn more and progress further into this distant future of mine. May you all be there along with me or be waiting for me at the end of each road with your hands stretched out toward me as i grasp tightly and hold on. Let us walk together, never alone, down this gently lit road filled with the many adventures and trials that await us all.
Loving you all with all my heart, may you always be in my thoughts and spread warmth throughout my dreams.
– Hope ♥ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—


Wandering in the depths of my mind, heart, and soul. December 19, 2014

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Taking a glance at the glass, the reflection in the mirror. The deeper i look the more i see. Won’t you tell me what i want to know? Won’t you say what i need to hear?

Currently Feeling..:


So, i guess things started getting from good to bad to worse in a short time span. Once again i suppose it couldn’t be helped but there is really only so much i can do. However all of this going on right now is causing me to lapse into a depression that i’m struggling to get out of. Running away isn’t something i am proud of, not in the least. But i cannot help this feeling of needing to run in the first place.
Time and time again it ends up happening and it is very difficult to even escape. The tight grasp of reality tugging and pulling at my heart, body and soul is just unnerving.
I feel like i’m lying in an imbalanced mess of emotions coming forth from all directions possible, smothering me with the feelings that make me overwhelmed.
Although i might not be able to escape easily, i’m trying my best to overcome this and trying as well to not run away from my friends in the middle of it.
Why do i feel the need to hide from even things which i once deemed safe?
What is the reason why i fear this cold sensation that overcomes me, even though the warmth is so near?
There are so many things i can ask myself but really i might never know. All the answers i may seek to find, i guess its best that some are left a mystery.
All of the emotions that are overcoming me right now, a mixture of chaos just stiring in the air. It is so difficult to find the right words of what i would like to say… to feel.
Please don’t let me run away, don’t let me go even if i try. It isn’t what i want but i cant stop the sensation of wanting to.
I don’t want to experience the feeling of almost losing myself once more. I don’t wish to make the same foolish mistakes i once made in the past when things got too dramatic.
I want to be there, for everything..

As my emotions are stirred up in a flurry, i will try to overcome the things i once was not able to. If for you all whom i hold so dear and cherish, i would do anything.
May this night be peaceful and calm despite the tears that may fall randomly. May the smiles return and the warmth never leave. May this picture become like the ones we once remembered, the sweet scent of reminiscence.

Whispers from the Heart December 11, 2014

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Like the slight breeze before the soon coming storm in the distance… Such as so are the whispers from my heart. Gentle yet Intense over time as the words begin flowing, i just pray they don’t carry you away~

Currently Feeling..:

Content yet Shy

So its almost mid December now and it feels like so many things have happened.
As i am getting random bits of sadness strung across bits of happiness through situations with my friends, i am hoping that things will just start to look more positively from here on out.
The weather has been chilly and thankfully rainy (as we have been needing that so desperately) and i believe its going to continue at least through the rest of this week. It has been so long since i’ve been able to see my backyard almost fully green and lively with all of the wonderful plants i have. All throughout this year it seems like there was only suffering due to the lack of rain and intense heat. I am glad that there’s a bit of revitalization at least.
As this month continues on i proceed to prepare for a few more birthdays of friends coming up :3 It is actually a bit stressful to think about how i am going to go about doing all of this but i’m sure i will manage ^^;

I just anticipate their reactions when i give them gifts that i’ve been trying to plan out since like last month lol. I really hope they enjoy what i’m going to give them as much as i’m giddy just thinking it over.
Feeling like i have been getting closer to all of my friends, even just a little bit, has really made me feel glad. After many years of being sort of isolated from friendships due to problems and trials with other friends, i feel like i’m finally able to get close to people once again. And i am so grateful for it because if there was any time i needed it truly.. i would say now is the time.
My heart is ecstatic over all of this emotional overload and i suppose it makes me look a bit silly. Silly enough that some of my close friends just cant help but want to tease me just to see me flustered. I love them so much but lol it drives me crazy that they want to see me flustered so much. Oh well what can you do, i just enjoy seeing and hearing their smiles when they talk to me. I suppose my embarrassment is worth their happiness in the end. I don’t mind it because in a way, despite my shyness, i like the fact that they are playing around with me. It really made all of our bonds closer.
On the flip side of that note, i suppose with this new found closeness it also is a recipe for me getting hurt a bit easier. Because i think of them all so highly and it is very difficult for me to not take things to heart.. Even the most simplest things that may seem hurtful still get to me. Although i try my hardest to not let it, i suppose i cant help it and it still affects me in some ways. Because of this, there have been big clashes between ideals with me and a few of my best friends.. and because i don’t want conflicts i just try to sit silently. Despite it just being a rant and lashing out without reason, it still ends up hurting me even though i know there isn’t anything i can really do about it. I would rather just endure the moments of chaos than damage any of the bonds i worked so hard to build. I suppose that’s another issue with building bonds like these. They grow to be so strong but at times can be so fragile as well. I suppose its the fragile bits that worry and scare me the most because i don’t want to lose friends again, that is a heartache i have a hard time healing over time. I have lost many friends, some through unfortunate circumstances and others through things that couldn’t be helped. I just want to try my best to not lose anymore.

On another note, it seems as though my activity in Ragnarok might increase more due to all the new updates we’ve been getting @.@ Now i feel like i have to reach the new level cap and obtain the new skills that came out lol. Though i haven’t been talking about it much, alot of things have happened in RO for me this last year. Maybe i’ll do a highlight with pictures sometime soon but i need to search throughout my screenshots and replays before i do that.

Other than that i do have a new camera now, and its pretty nice. Since i was little i always wanted to have one of those Canon cameras like some of my relatives had. I like taking pictures of random things randomly, as well as taking pictures of things that i have made. It wasn’t until now that i actually have a decent high end camera with exchangeable lenses. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to obtain these things, i hope that this new camera of mine will help me capture more memories of things that i cherish. (and be able to look back at those exact moments. )

Here is to hoping that as this year comes to an end like the many years in the past, that more blessings will come all our ways. Thank you everyone, all my friends, all of those whom i cherish and love. Lets make new memories and watch them blossom as we reflect on the memories of the past in reminiscence.

The Sharp Words That Pierce My Heart of Glass.. December 6, 2014

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..even the silence stabs so deeply… i wonder if this wound will heal or just remain as a blood stained memory..

Currently Feeling..:

Sad & Concerned

I don’t know what i am feeling right now.. i suppose maybe a slight despair? I am so confused with all these thoughts racing through my mind. I don’t even know where to start….
With the end of the year quickly approaching, it feels like things are happening crazy fast. I never thought i would feel so torn as i do right now. However.. i guess it cannot be helped.
I want “you” to know that yes.. you are still on my mind and.. yes, i have not slept yet. I just wanted to record what i feel before i rest. I hope i don’t have a bad dream because of this.. I don’t feel awkward because of the subject we were on. I felt awkward because i couldn’t bring myself to answer you with what was on my mind. I feel stupid because of it.. i mean yes it is very late right now but that was obviously a problem somewhere in that. I mean… you denied leaving for the night several times just shortly before that part of the convo simply because you wanted to make sure i felt better. I mean maybe im looking too much into this but i am pretty sure you left at the time you did for some other reason whether you will want to tell me or not. The end of that convo felt cold… unlike the usual sweet warmth that normally leaving on a happy note ends with. Clearly something is bothering you and i dont know what it is or even why. This has happened a few times before and at this point i think i understand that really when this “feeling in the air” changes to that coldness.. it usually means there’s a problem. I may not have been able to hear your voice or see your expression at that point of the conversation but i clearly felt something. I refuse to believe any other way.
Honestly.. aside from that, i mean i’m getting this same cold feeling come from various places…. my family and even other friends. I.. don’t know what is going on. Am i being cast aside out of defense on the opposing matter?
I am trying my best to make smiles and joyful auras around all of what we do. Though… i am guessing it is just one of those times where no amount of anything i do could change the outcome. Maybe i said the wrong things? Maybe i didn’t say what needed to be said? Maybe.. i’m just missing something and i’m looking like a derp and it causes the outcome to be “fed up” or “miserable”.
Whatever the case may be, it sucks… and i want to fix it.. Badly.
I truly hope that all the words i could have left unsaid (but didn’t) were not a mistake. I pray to God that it wont be a mistake. I don’t know how i would handle a pain like what i’m thinking could possibly be lying there. Maybe i’m being overly dramatic… but i surely hope i am. I suppose tomorrow will tell what lies in store for these issues i’m facing currently…
For now i suppose i have no choice but to rest in an uncertain slumber, awaiting a unknown feeling… an unknown reaction… this cliffhanger killing me… anticipating what may become of this new chapter that is about to begin.

Taking a Nostalgic trip in the past~ November 14, 2014

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Seeing a familiar road i walked down, upon approaching it makes the memories flood back to my mind..

Currently Feeling..:

A bit lonely

So here i am sitting here thinking over a few things. I don’t feel sleepy although it is about 2am now lol. Then i had the urge to look up something, the words “Ghost of us” just popped in my mind and i remembered there was a song i used to listen to by BBMak by a similar name. “Ghost of you and me” was the proper title but i thought it was odd that i would suddenly think of it, so i looked it up again. I ended up listening to it and singing along to the song as it was playing and that lead me to listen to various other songs i remember listening to so much.
Maybe i am feeling lonely right now, maybe i’m losing my mind. It is 2am and i’m thinking about songs like this, doesn’t that seem kind of strange? @.@
It is like i cant stop now. Maybe it will help me sleep? I mean i guess i don’t need sleep that much >>;
So i’ll just continue to listening to all these old songs, probably singing along to them as well to my hearts content. Hoping no one else will hear me because its past 2am.. xD
Then maybe, just maybe, i’ll figure out why i got drawn to this in the first place.
-hugs a plushie and continues onward in her journey of nostalgia with girlish glee-

A night out with friends~ November 12, 2014

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Don’t you know? It is fun to hang out with you. I hope this lasts forever~

Currently Feeling..:


So then, went to see a movie with Z—, her sister N—- and Tk. Of course shenanigans will follow us lol. We get there on time and when we are buying the tickets.. the time we were going to pick was sold out >>;;; (-shakes fist at 7:40 showing-) So we decided instead to go to the 9:20 showing.. but lol it was 7pm so… 2 1/2 hours of randomness until the movie starts. In the end we all decided to take one car out to the mall nearby and wander around lol.
(obviously, Tk was driving lol..) Anyways, when we got to the mall we forgot that Tk needed to use the bathroom and we walked already to the other side of the mall, only to realize that the bathroom was right next to where we walked in at. Soooo we walked all the way back there and after that headed into Best Buy xD.
We saw various funny things in there (lol random typo on a RC toy that said “Stabable” instead of “Stable”) After that we got some boba milk tea and proceeded to decide whether or not we should buy popcorn. After much thought we went for it and got the large bag (which i was saying would totally fit in my purse lol, i’d make it fit >>; ) When i saw the bag i kind of didn’t expect it to be that big >>;; plus it couldn’t even fold close, so we needed to eat some of it before even trying to stuff it in my purse for the movie lol.
When it was 9pm we started driving back to the theater. I managed to fit the bag in my purse and we made our way inside (lol the popcorn in theaters is unreasonably expensive ok?) After we got in, Tk went to buy a drink for all of us to share (i think it was like raspberry tea or something like that) and as usual after he bought it he started walking off not noticing us standing next to him lol. (He Always does this, we are like right behind him or standing not too far away from him and he looks around wondering where we are at. Never able to seem to find us lol even though we were either next to him or behind him the whole time.) As he started walking off a security guy walked up to me, Z— and N—- asking us for our tickets. Lol i admit i got a bit freaked out but Tk had our tickets so we had to try to flag him down before he wandered into the theater room without us and we end up getting kicked out >>;;.
We managed to get his attention and we walked in to see our movie, geez i don’t know why he questioned us in the first place anyways <<;;; Moving onward lol, we walked in and man was it full in there. Im surprised we found seats xD. We sat down and shared a few comments throughout the movie and credits. (lol those credits @.@) After the movie we all were thinking about if there was anything else we could do, it was about 11:30pm ish mind you, and decided since that it was rather late that chances are most places would be closed so we just went our ways and drove home. Met up on the RC and that was the night lol. But man the shenanigans that seem to follow us >>;;; Either way, it was fun/funny and im sure they had fun too.
Since this is Z— and her sisters final month here, i guess it will be rather eventful until the end. I don’t mind it too much, though i can say i was a bit depressed earlier today. At least i don’t feel so bad now lol.
I hope to hang out with all of my friends (especially you S——-) much more as the end of this year comes upon us all.

Thanks you all for being there for me, may we all have many more fun memories together <3

The Last Day of ‘Magic’~ Finale November 11, 2014

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The friendship we have & the bonds we made, let them last for years from now. Forever to be remembered in our Memory Album~

Currently Feeling..:

Happy and Grateful

So then, it has been a few days or so since spending that day at Disney. I will say it was rather fun (oh the shenanigans lol) and despite feeling the slight tiredness i had, i was able to stay rather awake through it all.
When i first met up with Z— that night i had asked her how her last day had went thus far, lol i guess she had an eventful day filled with people begging her not to leave. xD
Despite all that, the first thing we did was get ice cream lol. (In a mini kitchen sink) We shared that ice cream and then shortly after headed toward main street to watch the fireworks show. (dat blinding finale, like always lol)
After the firework show we began wandering around aimlessly and then went on the Alice in Wonderland ride (oh what fun lol spin spin take ALL the directions!)
Z— began talking about her AvP experience while we waited in line, lol that sounded really disappointing to her and it actually sounded so messed up even from my point of view >>;;
Lets see… after that i believe we started walking through various stores. (Obviously there is christmas decor and stuff Everywhere by this point lol)
Recalling those hilarious things we saw in the stores (namely the minnie mouse nut cracker and the Grumpy shirt, oh geez that was so weird >>;; )
In the end i ended up getting a dress lol (thanks to her discount it wasn’t That expensive <<;; but none the less i thank her very much for it) It is actually a color i don’t have, or at least i did not have for a while until now :x I really do like it though, its a nice memory and its my kind of style. (I finally have more things that match that cute little brown sweater i have now too lol, i think it will look cute with that dress *-* ) After we bought the dress we all wandered around a bit more, all the weirdo stuff we found in all the stores lol. (Among the many things being random weird derpy items with Woody on them and Tinkerbell looking like she works late nights >>;;; )
We played around with the shooting game, dodged crowds like a boss, and went on an almost seemingly endless search for the weird little costume tail sets that they had around in October.
We ended up finding the tails in the last store we went to in this tinnnnny little section, Z— tried to avoid it and play it off like we couldn’t find it at all but lol we found them anyways. Oh Tigger tail, She wouldn’t wear you but the thought of finding it and giving it to her was funny enough xD.
After the tail fiasco, that was pretty much what ended our trip. I know she had fun and so did i lol, i’m glad she could have at least one more night of enjoyment with us at Disney before she left.
Tomorrow we’ll be going out again to the movies to watch Big Hero 6. I’m sure that will be eventful too lol. (Even though i saw the movie already, i don’t mind watching it again xD ) I wonder what shenanigans will await us tomorrow. >>;; Especially since her sister is coming along. lol good times~

As always, i wish the best for all my friends and they can all have wonderful days.
Love you all <3

The last day of ‘Magic’ ~ November 8, 2014

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The magic i feel with you transcends all of reality itself, lets make these memories last..

Currently Feeling..:

Anticipation and Embarrassment

So then, today was kind of off at a bad start. Yesterday i was feeling so miserable but i think today was a bit better even though i still have Soooooo many things i need to do. @.@
As it is i am getting ready to leave on my last visit to Disneyland courtesy of a good friend of mine. (Today is her last day working there before she moves to another state so i’m spending it with her tonight, i’m not sure how many other people may be there but i know i’ll enjoy it lol. Probably gonna embarrass me somehow but oh well >>;;; that’s what friends do i guess xD )

Despite the rocky start to today i think i’m finally a bit more calm.(Thank you S——- for comforting me last night and being there, i appreciate all the time you take time out of your day/night to listen to me. :< I know that you know all this already and i know that you’ll just say “It’s ok” but i want you to know how deeply appreciative i am of it despite it all. I wish there was more i could do for you in return, as it is i am glad things are looking brighter for you in your life and that i could be a part of that to help. Here is me wishing and praying for the best for you.) I was hoping to get more things done today but i had not had the chance to even attempt to due to needing to leave in a few hours for this last meeting at Disney. I am sure of course that other than today i will meet up with her a few more times at least throughout this month before she has to leave at the very end. I hope that she enjoyed all the time we were able to spend together though, and i hope she likes my parting gift as a symbol of our friendship. (This is considering my fingers work fast enough to get the more important part of it done lol, ugh i’ve been slacking :< )

I truly do wonder whats gonna happen once she moves, i mean i’m sure we all will stay in contact like we usually do (Via the RC of course lol) but yeah~ i can’t help but wonder either way.
Especially with the unfortunate events transpiring recently regarding another friend of mine, it feels like some friendships are sort of falling apart a bit ._.;
Granted i am still able to keep in contact with everyone (thankfully <3) but i still worry about it in the long run .-. There is not much i can personally do when the opinions of someone else changes, i cant always persuade people to change their opinions but it is still hard to accept. Other than all of that i guess, i just need to wait until tonight is over before i can really have an opinion about everything~ I’ll probably write my thoughts on that when i get back but until then i guess all i am really having are floating thoughts about this entire thing. I suppose i’ll try not to think of the bad things and just try to enjoy myself at this last day hanging out with her at Disney. (lol she treated me to going to Disneyland so much this year, despite not being there since i was like 14 or 15 i think i have seen everything Disneyland has to offer for quite sometime xD I am pretty sure i went on all the rides again >>;; Last time i did that was so long ago lol.)

The days getting colder.. November 3, 2014

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Seems like each day is offering a more rapid change, i wonder if we are ready..

Currently Feeling..:

I don’t feel so good..

Annnnnnd, i don’t feel good. Whyyy don’t i feel good? u.u; This kind of sucks a little bit. It was also really cold last night. (like really cold lol so abnormal considering the weather that has been around here lately)
I mean don’t get me wrong, i love that its getting colder. (There has been a serious lack of cold Autumn/Winter weather for the past few years so i kind of missed it ._. ) ..But it is sort of a shock really.
I’m like, worrying about my garden because of it too. Though i will say it looks really beautiful outside now. At least i wont have to worry about passing out in the heat (Sorry you guys ><; i didn’t think that would happen to me! i swear! I mean it never happens u.u; ) Well, it is only mid-day after all and it still feels rather crisp. I am Sooooo glad i can finally keep my windows opened now (i would have kept doing it before when it was like constantly 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit but my Dad would not stop putting the freaking AC on >>; it was really frustrating.) and i think i have kept them open for like a few days straight now. I am liking that fresh air flowing through with the slight breeze carrying a soft fragrance of things in my backyard and from around the area. It is rather refreshing ^^;
For once it is finally starting to feel like Autumn, i have this feeling its going to rapidly begin to feel like winter though.. Well… we’ll see i guess.

Either way i suppose it is something to be happy and excited about, it reminds me of good times and bad. Though i suppose that cannot be helped much. I hope that upon the ending of this year, many of the things i have been hoping, wishing, praying for.. will come to pass.
Thank you to my friends for sticking by me, i love you all <3
Here is to hoping that this Winter to come carries many of our memories onward towards the New Year just slightly in the distance before us.

Feeling Worlds Away~ November 2, 2014

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I never thought i would feel like this again, maybe i just was not looking hard enough..

Currently Feeling..:

Slightly Embarrassed

Well then, it has been a rather long time since ive written an entree here apparently.
I suppose i’ll make a few make up posts over some lost time and recover where i left off. Apparently i stopped posting shortly before the Fire at my house happened. I guess i can clarify on that as well. :/

In all honesty i don’t believe many people look at my blog anymore (friends of course) i’m even more sure of it since i haven’t posted in nearly 3 years lol. Well to be fair like 2 years a half-ish xD

Well lets see… a few years has alot to offer to a person. Let me think if i can trace back to that time..
I will save the story about my House Fire for another time though (probably in a backed up post)

Since 2012 i had been going through alot, i lost alot, Many things precious to me.
I gained new things out of it but of course the memory of the lost wont leave my mind and my heart.

I gained new found friendships that i will forever cherish and love, As well as had issues with other new friendships that im still dealing with currently.

lol and my family is still driving me crazy. (but of course >>; )

Sadly aside from a few major events i suppose i cannot say too much has happened or changed, in my eyes at least. To others they would say its a whole new book and chapter that’s filled with so much it can barely contain.

It would take me way too long to record every single little event that happened but i suppose i can try mentioning things as i go along.

Well! Aside from all that i suppose that’s all i can really say on the matter of my not so distant past. Details regarding each thing will most-likely be mentioned in more depth when i make individual posts on the subject. Moving onward~

How i am feeling today, hmmm i guess i’m alright. Things could most definitely be better but i’m just dealing with it as it comes along. Having some slight problems with a few of my friends clashing with one another, but that trouble is being comforted by the kind and gentle hands of at least one friend of mine in particular. (Thank you, i’m sure you know who you are. If you ever see this of course~)
At the very least i am able to still talk to and hang out with both friends that are having the problem but i do hope that sometime soon that will get solved.

I have actually been getting back into writing poetry and singing more regularly as well, it seems to help relieve my stress .-. Plus i always enjoyed writing poetry and stories as well as loving to sing. I guess i’m gonna have a big archive of poems again rather soon lol.

And i have a special note for all my friends.

S– — : I am so glad i met you, i mean it was kind of silly. We met much earlier than the point where i Really got to know you. I enjoy all the conversations we have and i honestly do look forward to the many more we will have. I am sure you feel the same way in that regard and i would like to give you many Thank You’s out of gratitude for what you have done for me. I hope i never lose you. I am so grateful to have someone like you care about someone like me. Even though i feel like sometimes i don’t deserve the care, you try to reassure me that i do. Your concern for me means alot, thank you so much for being there for me. <3

Z— : Even though things are a bit tough right now i am sure they will improve. I really will miss you when you move away but i am happy that you think of me. Even though you may not say you’ll miss me too i feel like you may. Despite your solid shield you hold around yourself i can say that i know what you’re thinking even without words. Thank you for being such a good friend.

T— : I know how things with the previous incident are kind of messed up, but i’m glad i was still able to keep in contact with you despite all of the frustration. I do hope things settle down in the near future but in the event they don’t (which would be very unfortunate :< ) i am glad i can at least keep contact with you.

K—- : I am honestly not too sure what i can say to you right now, but i just want you to know that i still think of you and wish you well. I am not sure if you really do think of me but mm maybe not considering how busy your life has become. Either way i hope for the best in your life and i really do hope you do not get over stressed with how busy you have become. Things may be different now but i wont stop wishing you well. Here’s to hoping that you’ll realize the mistakes you made and make anew.

N—- : Gosh you’re so fun lol, thank you for being that extra ear hearing me out. Lol i warned you about “her” loving to talk up a storm as well as be very nosey and stalky xD. Thank you for your obvious concern of my well being as well. I really appreciate it. Its like everyday you always send me a pm to check up on me and make sure im doing fine. Thank you for it really <3

Now that is all said, i suppose i’ll end this particular post here. I’ll try to put more posts regarding what has happened and will happen shortly.
Thank you for your interest and concerns <3

With Love,