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Feeling Worlds Away~ November 2, 2014

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

I never thought i would feel like this again, maybe i just was not looking hard enough..

Currently Feeling..:

Slightly Embarrassed

Well then, it has been a rather long time since ive written an entree here apparently.
I suppose i’ll make a few make up posts over some lost time and recover where i left off. Apparently i stopped posting shortly before the Fire at my house happened. I guess i can clarify on that as well. :/

In all honesty i don’t believe many people look at my blog anymore (friends of course) i’m even more sure of it since i haven’t posted in nearly 3 years lol. Well to be fair like 2 years a half-ish xD

Well lets see… a few years has alot to offer to a person. Let me think if i can trace back to that time..
I will save the story about my House Fire for another time though (probably in a backed up post)

Since 2012 i had been going through alot, i lost alot, Many things precious to me.
I gained new things out of it but of course the memory of the lost wont leave my mind and my heart.

I gained new found friendships that i will forever cherish and love, As well as had issues with other new friendships that im still dealing with currently.

lol and my family is still driving me crazy. (but of course >>; )

Sadly aside from a few major events i suppose i cannot say too much has happened or changed, in my eyes at least. To others they would say its a whole new book and chapter that’s filled with so much it can barely contain.

It would take me way too long to record every single little event that happened but i suppose i can try mentioning things as i go along.

Well! Aside from all that i suppose that’s all i can really say on the matter of my not so distant past. Details regarding each thing will most-likely be mentioned in more depth when i make individual posts on the subject. Moving onward~

How i am feeling today, hmmm i guess i’m alright. Things could most definitely be better but i’m just dealing with it as it comes along. Having some slight problems with a few of my friends clashing with one another, but that trouble is being comforted by the kind and gentle hands of at least one friend of mine in particular. (Thank you, i’m sure you know who you are. If you ever see this of course~)
At the very least i am able to still talk to and hang out with both friends that are having the problem but i do hope that sometime soon that will get solved.

I have actually been getting back into writing poetry and singing more regularly as well, it seems to help relieve my stress .-. Plus i always enjoyed writing poetry and stories as well as loving to sing. I guess i’m gonna have a big archive of poems again rather soon lol.

And i have a special note for all my friends.

S– — : I am so glad i met you, i mean it was kind of silly. We met much earlier than the point where i Really got to know you. I enjoy all the conversations we have and i honestly do look forward to the many more we will have. I am sure you feel the same way in that regard and i would like to give you many Thank You’s out of gratitude for what you have done for me. I hope i never lose you. I am so grateful to have someone like you care about someone like me. Even though i feel like sometimes i don’t deserve the care, you try to reassure me that i do. Your concern for me means alot, thank you so much for being there for me. <3

Z— : Even though things are a bit tough right now i am sure they will improve. I really will miss you when you move away but i am happy that you think of me. Even though you may not say you’ll miss me too i feel like you may. Despite your solid shield you hold around yourself i can say that i know what you’re thinking even without words. Thank you for being such a good friend.

T— : I know how things with the previous incident are kind of messed up, but i’m glad i was still able to keep in contact with you despite all of the frustration. I do hope things settle down in the near future but in the event they don’t (which would be very unfortunate :< ) i am glad i can at least keep contact with you.

K—- : I am honestly not too sure what i can say to you right now, but i just want you to know that i still think of you and wish you well. I am not sure if you really do think of me but mm maybe not considering how busy your life has become. Either way i hope for the best in your life and i really do hope you do not get over stressed with how busy you have become. Things may be different now but i wont stop wishing you well. Here’s to hoping that you’ll realize the mistakes you made and make anew.

N—- : Gosh you’re so fun lol, thank you for being that extra ear hearing me out. Lol i warned you about “her” loving to talk up a storm as well as be very nosey and stalky xD. Thank you for your obvious concern of my well being as well. I really appreciate it. Its like everyday you always send me a pm to check up on me and make sure im doing fine. Thank you for it really <3

Now that is all said, i suppose i’ll end this particular post here. I’ll try to put more posts regarding what has happened and will happen shortly.
Thank you for your interest and concerns <3

With Love,



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