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The view I see in the distance, in the horizon. December 31, 2014

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

As a storm continues raging all you can do is wait for it to pass, right..? Maybe i’ll keep waiting for you then.

Currently Feeling..:


So as this is pretty much the last post of this year as the time counts down closer and closer to the dawn of our new year. I begin reflecting on all that has happened thus far, just as i have been reflecting at least for this entire last month. With the many troubles clouding my mind i am trying my best to keep positive and hold onto the warm happy blips amongst the issues. I want to be able to bring a smile, to bring happiness, to all those whom i cherish dearly.
A few people in my mind, in my thoughts, as i reflect this night.

S-, N-, T-, Z- . You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this year brings you all clarity and relief from all of your problems that you may come across. And despite all of my weaknesses (which i am grateful to have friends like you to listen and care about me. I wish there was a word i could call you all that is higher than that because to me you guys are like family.) I am always ready to listen and be here to help you just as you help me. Raise your spirits as you raise mine. Laugh and smile together and enjoy each-others company. There are many many numerous things i could possibly say but i think i would be sitting here for hours talking about them, and i am sure that many of the things i would probably blank on being able to explain when there are things that are best explained in person. I hope that you will allow me to record all of these memories we share. To remember each one fondly, because those are the things that make me continue onward each day. May we never lose touch, may we always be close, may we always be near no matter the distance between us.
As well as my bonds that i hold dearly to my heart, i look toward the future and wonder what it holds for me. Thinking of the things that could, should, and possibly would happen. Things i hope, wish, desire as well. I hope this coming year brings those things to me. If it does so, i would grasp and hold them with care and never wish to let go.

May the things in the near future be eased worries, may there be clarity through the fog and mist that seems to be blocking the horizon. May the sun’s warm rays pierce through the clouds and clear that fog and mist as the new dawn rises.. as i stand there looking endearingly toward the near future to be. With new hopes and new paths to open, knowing i wont be walking down them alone but with those whom i cherish dearly.
There are many things i am hoping and praying that this new year will bring, many of which would change perspectives and worlds around. I hope for the better, and with that i look forward to building many more wonderful memories to capture and remember in my heart and mind. There are many things i wish to do, many things i may be able to do easily where others are not so much. I still hope i can strive for the more difficult ones because those are the ones i feel much desire to obtain. Either way however, i will be happy and continue trying.. moving onward through this year.

I suppose lately i have been writing rather serious and emotional things than the fun silly things i once used to. I hope i can go back to do those things from time to time because i’m sure that despite them being silly writings, it was nice to have silly things to talk about and reflect on. I had been neglecting to talk about various subjects for much too long in my opinion and i feel its time to try and bring myself and others up to speed with what i have been up to and what i have been thinking of rather than the random blips of emotion being spilled upon paper. I have been wanting to put random screenshots and stories from the games i play(ed) and other silly things i do in real life. (like the various projects i had worked on and even gifts i made for friends and family.) I would love to begin recording these memories more because i want to have something to share with the people i care about. And if ever were there something to happen to me, my words would live on and they can look at all i have been saying while i was around.
Journals of the Journey in my life, the various paths i have taken as well as many people i have met. I want to remember it all.
So to note as a final thought, May the many memories we make last forever. Even beyond our lifetimes. I hope to remain in all of your hearts as a precious memory, a beloved friend in your lives. Just as you all are to me.

As the days go on, i wish to learn more and progress further into this distant future of mine. May you all be there along with me or be waiting for me at the end of each road with your hands stretched out toward me as i grasp tightly and hold on. Let us walk together, never alone, down this gently lit road filled with the many adventures and trials that await us all.
Loving you all with all my heart, may you always be in my thoughts and spread warmth throughout my dreams.
– Hope ♥ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—



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