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Tree of Savior ~ The Beta Archive October 10, 2015

Posted by Hope~Sama in Entertainment Room, Hope's Game Diary.
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{This is a repost from a guild forum post I made to show my friends.}

Okies~ so Tree of Savior first beta for the international server had fully passed by this point (It came out in August, my birthday funny enough lol and lasted about a week.)

Soo im making a topic here (courtesy of Alice reminding me) about what we all experienced in the beta or anything anyone may want to discuss or show :3

Feel free to post your opinions, links, screenshots, videos about ToS here~
Lets all have fun like a big happy family of friends xD

The following is my Album of Screenshots from the 1st beta testing. (i literally dumped my entire SS folder and made an album lol so i didn’t sift through double takes)

Coming soon, the few videos i made during the beta xD

August 5th 2015 - ToS Beta
Album link::
August 5th, 2015 – ToS Beta | Full Album


A day out~ Memories February 25, 2015

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Banquet Room.
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I found a neat little crepe place and decided to eat dinner here hehe. I ended up getting a salmon with cream cheese and capers. It sounds so tasty lol.
I am honestly surprised that I never saw this place before because I love crepes xD
I think I may head to the nice little bakery across the street after, maybe lol.


And it was so tasty lol. The flavor was spot on to what I was imagining it to be.
I’m going to get a sweet crepe too, chocolate strawberry and raspberry coulis with Chantilly creme and powdered sugar. That sounds like it would be really good too lol. I’m so terrible, I’m spoiling myself right now xD I really shouldn’t be but I am~

After that I guess I’ll check a few shops around here too :3

Annnd it was sooo good, the sweet and tart blended rather well. The creaminess of the creme and ice cream along side it added a nice smooth depth to the sweet and tart. Almost velvety yet delicately flavored. (I actually did not get a photo of that one because I just didn’t think of it at the time lol. I was kind of in a rush so I missed it.)

8:52 PM
I have to admit it is also a bit chilly outside tonight lol.  Though I guess its not so bad yet. My hands do most definitely feel icy xD
I guess that cant be helped entirely, it feels like its in the low 60’s. At least I know my phone won’t overheat out here lol.

Once again I noticed places I didn’t realize were here before, though I don’t normally like being around this city at night it isn’t so bad since it isn’t that late yet.

Another chapter in your life, another year gone by. January 17, 2015

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.
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A wondrous day indeed, all i pray for is that i will be able to see your smile at the end of it.

Currently Feeling..:


Today is a special day for you S——-, and even though you might not be too excited about it i guess my excitement makes up for it lol.
I want to wish you the best in all that is yet to come.
To wish you the best of the worse that may befall upon you.
I wish that you might smile at least once every single day, even if there was frustration or sadness or tears. That maybe i could help lift you out of it if you wished me to do so.
I pray that your pains and sorrows might be eased, that you would never dwell in the doom that comes your way. That the light will shine through and take all that darkness away.
I hope for your life to be filled with lots of love and appreciation because no one deserves to feel hopeless or unloved, Especially you.
I wish you happiness and success in what you may attempt to accomplish. That your hard work would never go unnoticed.
I pray that your health would be well and even better than it ever has been, that you would be exuberant and energetic as i know you could be. That life may not bore you and you would feel warmth in your heart, clarity in your mind, and strength in your spirit to keep you moving forward.
Many things that will arrive in your life this coming year, this is the beginning of another chapter.
Although i have not truly fully known you for more than a single year, i am thankful and i am honored to have been a part of your life. A part of that chapter and a part of this new one that is about to unfold. I will be here and a part of it for as long as you wish me to be, and even if you wished to part ways i would still be here thinking of you and praying for your well-being. You are a part of my life forever, thank you for letting me be in this journey of yours.
I hope that i can bring you smiles and laughter for as long as i’m sharing this path of yours in your life. Your story will continue on and i am glad to be a part of it. Just as you are a part of my journey, your presence is an important part of my life.

As the past drifts away we will never fully forget the memories and events that slowly built up to this day and the next and even years from now. After all, it is those very things that made us what we are today and we should cherish them. Whether good or bad, sad or upsetting.. All of the memories are locked away in the pages of our story. The many chapters that add up to this wonderful journey, tragic story, and crazy adventure.
Building many more amazing chapters to your life each and every day, thank you for letting me be a part of it.
~Such is the day that you came to exist, it is quite special and i feel that is right.
I feel that a celebration is in order, i do insist. As this is the anniversary of which you took your first breath of life.~
Happy Birthday S– — <3