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About Me

Because an Introduction is usually needed..

Well I’ll keep this pretty simple, So then you want to know a bit about me? Alright, lets get to the basics..

Now that that’s out of the way, honestly you don’t need more specific information than that. However, i will tell a bit more about myself.

Of the many things i enjoy to do, i will list a few for you::

Cooking, Writing, Singing, Drawing, Playing Video Games (Includes a few MMORPGs), Collecting Cat Items (Plushies, Ornaments, Books, Pretty much most stuff that has a cute cat theme to it.), Collecting Glass/Porcelain/Ceramic Flowers and other elegant things, Collecting Weaponry (Swords, Daggers, Various other blades and weapons), Poetry..

Of the things i listed I’m sure you noticed a few of my other interests as well, a few of my Favorite things are::

Cats, Shiny objects (its a vague category but i mean like crystal and other things), Bells (I really do like bracelets with bells on them, not too big though), Various Cookbooks, My collectible plushies (This is starting to get a bit out of hand isn’t it?)

Well i think i mentioned enough ^^

Seriously if you didn’t start thinking its getting a bit boring by this point I’m rather surprised. Anyways you didn’t really want to know all this other stuff about me right? Ah-haha.. yeah.. Lets just keep it at that.

If you have any other questions for me (about me), then feel free to post here and I’ll answer them when i can~

~- Hope

A little point of history, A monthly archive all the way to day one. (Temp placement.)



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