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Secret Garden

♫ “I know a place where no ones lost..
I know a place where no one cries..
Crying at all is not allowed..
Not in my Castle on a Cloud. . .” ♪

The secret garden is a place where i hide,  run away to, relax in.. just to get away. The truth about the secret garden is, it isn’t totally real or fully existent however it is not a figment of my imagination. Here you will see what i see in my secret garden, after all.. don’t we all have one?

Here you will see all the pieces of me::

Ragnarok Online::

IGN: Hope-Sama (main character, Wizard)

Trickster Online::

IGN:: Hope~Sama (Main Character, Sheep– Witch) {Also have several other alts~}

Gaia Online::

IGN:: Tenshi Hope Sama (Main Account)

(This portrait changes every time i update my Avatar)

Dream Selfy

And the Story Continues onward as i add pages to my “Gamer’s Diary” . . .

Pictures say more than just a thousand words, they also spark new ideas and thoughts just like Memories

The following are art pieces that are reflections of my characters. I thank all of those who tried their best to interpret their views of my “alternate persona” ^^  Please Remember to Not copy or Steal the Images on this page and site, They are for display/showcasing and belong to Me and the Artist who drew them.

(Changes Happening to this page, come back soon)



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