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Nifty Birthday Gift deals from various beauty brands February 1, 2018

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via Birthday Beauty Deals

So.. since it was the beginning of the year I wanted to check up on what the Birthday gifts that were going to be offered this year at some of the places I have memberships with. And amidst my searching I happened to stumble upon this persons helpful blog post regarding a lot of the beauty birthday gifts that were given out over the years. Because I thought it was so helpful I decided to mention it so I can look back on her list and hopefully share it with others who are interested in this sort of thing as well. I mean free birthday gifts are great~ It makes the month of your birthday feel a bit more special when you have a lot of nice things to redeem from things you enjoy. And I like to check and see what is up before my birth month arrives lol (I’m like right in the middle of the year so I have plenty of time to find out what is being given out if it is a standard gift for the year.)
Sooooo~ anyway, I hope whomever finds this has a Happy birthday and can get a little extra gift this year (and many more to come ♥ )