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In The Kitchen

A place where dreams and ideas begin . . . —

One of my favorite things to do is create and cook various things, just about any recipe i can get my hands on really I’m almost always up for attempting to make it.

From baking desserts to cooking up a good main dish, my kitchen is always filled with smiles and enjoyment.

For some of the things i might create i will share here with you.

. . . A place where your heart, mind, and soul come together in great harmony–

As i think back to the many things I’ve created over the years from when i was little to today, i remember the joy and feeling of accomplishment that i got from everything that i have finished.

With all that in mind, i have always loved to bring that same joy and amazement to others when i make something for them. Cooking i can say yes has been a passion of mine, something when you are given the chance to express yourself in bringing enjoyment and pleasure through the various flavors, scents, and visual appearances of food. All of those things come into play even if you make something simple and cute as a child such as home made cookies to something more elegant like a heartfelt family dinner. Bringing people together in comfort and care through preparing them meals is one way to create close bonds and share parts of yourself and to build memories, as well as getting to understand another persons culture and background from the foods they ate as a child with their families.

Food really is a big part of our lives whether we seem to understand, notice, or believe it. Simply because every single day is filled with many different things we consume to live and grow, if we did not take such care and importance to these values then life could be pretty dull and less fruitful. Since we all do eat to live after all, however that is different for those who live to eat of course.

All in all, preparing meals and eating is a simple pleasure in life that shouldn’t be passed up. We should all be grateful for what we get and how we get it, especially if we can put food on our tables every day.



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