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The ballad of a cold, harsh, and vengeful Winter. December 28, 2011

Posted by Hope~Sama in Café Lounge.

Dont let it drag you down, stand up stronger and resist with all your might. “Let your will be done” Amen.

Currently Feeling..:

Looking for the bright side

This has been truly an eventful year, with not only the many harsh natural disasters but the tension among many people is and was high. I dont really know what to say other than thank God that everyone i know is safe and doing alright. However.. i wish i could have done more in the year, i regret many things but at the same time i think back and realize that there wasnt much that i could do anyways.
There has been many bitter feelings in certain aspects revolving around this past year but i am also sure there wasnt that many bitter sweet endings. As always, i will continue to hope for the best and look forward toward tomorrow as if a grand mystery awaits us. My love will never wax cold and my heart will be strong. As long as im here, alive and mobile, i will continue to do what i can when i can.
As harsh as the things were, i hope that the following year wont follow suit in a bad way for those close to me. All i can say is stay strong and look for support and resolve through prayer. That is what gets me through my troubling times and honestly is the best advice i can give.
Well.. as this year comes to an end may God have mercy on us all.



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